K-1 Visa and K-3 Visa – Choice is for you to Make!

The application process

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for green card through marriage depends on the facet whether the applicant is intending to marry the foreign national within the US premises or outside the US. In short, you need a K-I Visa, if you intend to marry within the US and a K-3 Visa if planning to marry (or married) outside US.

Let us first talk about the K-1 Visa. It is meant for all those international citizens who intend to marry Americans within the US and then stay in the premises on a permanent basis. Requirements for the same:

  • It is essential that you meet your national international fiancée personally, at least two years before filing for the K-I Visa.
  • Both the applicant as well as spouse must show an evidence of the termination of before marriages, if applicable.
  • Both should be eligible for marriage.
  • It is mandatory for the fiancée to marry within the 90 day- K-I Single entry visa; otherwise the non-immigrant must leave within the US, if the marriage does not take place.
  • The fiancée is not applicable to apply for Extension of Stay within the 90 days of K-1 Single-Entry visa period.
  • It is essential to file a K-I fiancée visa petition and submit the necessary documentation relevant with the application process. To know more, consult an Immigration veteran now.

Now let us talk something about the K-3 Visa. It allows spouses of the US Citizens, who are waiting abroad for their visas, to come and stay with their loved ones in the US and then apply for visa. Here are the requirements for the same:

  • The foreign national should be married to the US Citizen.
  • The applicant should intend to enter in the US.
  • Filed Firm I-130.
  • K-3 Visa allows the spouse stay in the US for a period of two years within which the spouse can apply for a PR Status.

The list of details and mandates required for K-1 and K-3 Visas is huge. Just hire the services of a proficient Immigration and Visa guide and know further.

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