US B-1 Visa Perfect for Business People Interested In Short Trip

What makes B-1 Visa stand apart from the rest of the US Visa? Well, it is temporary in nature. It means the visa holder can stay in the country only for limited period. The visa is most suitable for business personals planning a short trip to the country to attend business activity. The activity should be non commercial in nature, and in no way should indulge local labor.US Immigration Visa Services

As it is well known, the US is a very popular immigration destination. It is widely accepted by the people of all age groups. Due to different reasons 100s of 1000s of people visit the country. Who will like to miss a chance to visit the Central Park or see the Statue of Liberty?

A decade ago the US was widely popular among students and skilled workers but now a large number of business personals are keen to invest their hard-earned money in the nation. Such people through the B-1 Visa can easily explore business opportunities in the immigration hotspot.

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the apex visa body of the nation, has given relaxation to the citizens of certain countries to visit the nation without a visa, for a maximum period of 90 days. To confirm, if you fall under the category, you may visit the official website of the USCIS.

Coming back the main topic, initially, the B-1 Visa is granted for up to six months and if required the duration can be extended to six more months. Under no circumstances whatsoever the visa can be extended beyond one year, and the visa holder will have to return to his permanent residence.

The major disadvantage of the category is that you cannot bring along your family. If they wish to travel with you, they will have to file a separate petition.

How to file a petition?

The aspirant must submit a DS-160 form online, and take a print out of the confirmation page. Thereafter, he must attach the printed copy along with a copy of his valid passport, recent 5 cm x 5 cm dimension passport size color photograph. The USCIS does not entertain damage or invalid passport, nor are old passport size photographs accepted. You must be ready to submit other relevant documents as well.

Those who are able to prove that their visit to the nation is purely non commercial in nature, and they intend to move to their permanent residence before their visa expires have an advantage. They get further advantage if they have enough funds to cover their US trip.

Though it’s relatively easy to file a petition, consult an immigration expert. The reason: the USCIS has made the selection process pretty difficult just to ensure only the most eligible applicants enter the country.


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