Selection point’s score is now 456 points or more, in 15th Draw under comprehensive ranking system as on 21-08-2015

Here is more music and harmony to the ears of all applicants who have filed under the Express Entry Pool for Canada Permanent Residence and are expecting the latest selection ranking news vis-à-vis comprehensive ranking system (CRS). The 15th CRS draw announced on August 21st 2015, informs that the applicants who score 456 points or more under the CRS have been invited to apply (ITA) under Canada FSW program. This means that an applicant can hope for sure to get a positive selection even on standalone basis and against one’s own credentials vis-à-vis Education, Language, experience and other aspects. Many of Abhinav clients have already received ITA’s even when they had no job offer in hand based on their existing qualifications, experience and credentials.

Abhinav ( was amongst the very first agencies to encourage its clients to file their application into the pool and not to get scared by the indicated higher points, from earlier draws, under the CRS. We expect that qualifying points are likely to come to further down in near future.

A careful look at Canada Express Entry Program (EEP) reveals that it is the best program for skilled professionals interested in filing for permanent residence visa, for following reasons:

  • Majority of occupations are qualified to lodge their applications in the pool, a luxury not available in any other skilled immigration program;
  • There are no individual occupation specific quota restrictions;
  • Applications stay in the express entry pool at least for an year and that opens the options of getting selected under the overall country immigration quotas of next year as well;
  • One can reapply into the express entry pool even if he/she is not selected during the first filing;
  • The point system stays the same at 67 points, which means that EEP offers best of both the worlds – earlier selection process and new ITA (Invitation to apply) process under CRS;
  • Under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), One can get selected from the Express Entry Pool, even without having confirmed offer from a Canadian employer or Canadian experience or qualifications;
  • Applications can be lodged in whether single or married.

Abhinav ( offers best fee and services package to its Canada Express Entry clients. Contact us immediately for free of charge assessment of your and family profile!

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