EB-5 – Basic requirements for the Investment Criteria

EB-5 is an effective immigration for extremely wealthy individuals who wish to start a business in the US. However, there are many requirements that you need

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to fulfil EB-5 when you apply for this program and even after it. Investment criteria are one of the most crucial things that need to be taken into consideration before you file your application. Given below are a few investment-related matters that you must think about:

  1. Amount – Minimum investment of one million US Dollars is mandatory for EB-5 applicants. For investment in US areas that are targeted for employment and are currently high unemployment areas, at least $500,000 investment should be made.
  2. Job creation – Every foreign national under the EB-5 investor category must create a minimum of 10 full-time job requirements for U.S. Citizens, no matter if it is created directly or indirectly.
  3. Source of funds – The EB-5 investors should be able to prove that the investment funds belong to them and is not earned illegally at all.
  4. Path of investment– The EB-5 necessitate that the investment into the program follows a legitimate path.
  5. At-risk investment – The capital investment made by EB-5 applicants must not be a loan. There is no guarantee about the return of the capital and is thereby totally at risk. Also, this new commercial enterprise must fulfil the given two requirements: (i) It must have been established after November 29, 1990. (ii) One for-profit enterprise must be made to assess the ongoing-progress of a lawful business. This may involve expansion of the present business.
  6. Participation in the management of the business enterprise – It is mandatory for the EB-5 investors to be involved in the policy making or the management of this new business enterprise, like you may serve as the limited partner of the enterprise.

However, these are just the basic requirements for anyone seeking immigration under the EB-5 category; there are some other requirements along with investor qualification requirements that must be met by immigrants under this category. Seek advice from an immigration specialist to know if you meet these requirements and to know about the related necessary documentations that would be required. Applicants who fail to meet the basic investment requirements for EB-5 program should seriously look at Canada Immigrant Investor program.


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