Know about Prospective Entrepreneur Category in UK Entrepreneur Visa!

The UK Entrepreneur Visa Prospective Entrepreneur category is completely a new visa category to be incorporated into the UK Visa regime to attract substantially low budget investments into the nation. Visa and transit rules of the UK Border Agency Law define the premise and the privileges of this category.

This is definitely a bold move and a flight away from the

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conservatively strict pre-requisites under the Tier I of the entrepreneur visa. The British Government is trying to remove bureaucratic hurdles in securing an uninterrupted flow of investments and stimulate entrepreneurial capabilities.

The new additional category seems to be fundamentally investor-friendly rather than favoring industrial and business owners in the country. The targeted investors are non-EU investors, or rather to be precise, the Asians and Russians who have a wide potential base in low density investments.

Prospective Entrepreneur Category UK Entrepreneur Visa is an invitation to the new likely entrepreneurs with good potential to enter into country for non-extendable period of 6 months to initiate the process of establishing or taking over a business in the country.

It is ultimately a stepping stone to qualify and switch over to the Tier-I of Entrepreneur Visa after six months. You must assure a minimum amount of £50,000 for the proposed business within this period. The aspirant is also expected to satisfy the Tier-I Entrepreneur Visa requirements within this period, or leave the country.

The proposed investment has to be arranged from a Financial Services Authority (FSA) registered capital investment organizations. It also gives enough freedom for investments to be pooled in by more than one company, though it should satisfy the stipulated minimum amount requirement.

The period of the being granted residency has also been put on the accelerated mode along with relaxations in norms of absence of investor from the country during the probation period of the Tier-I from 90 days to 180 days.

The submission of all the documents supporting your qualification for the Visa must be submitted in original from any or all of your financiers, listed seed entrepreneurial funding competitions, and one or more UK government departments

Further, in Prospective Entrepreneur Category in UK Entrepreneur Visa, you are expected to sustain yourself during this period, without involving yourself in any business activity, or taking up a job. Your subsistence has to be from your own resources — be it your relatives supporting you. You are forbidden to go for a study course or private medical treatment.

Summary: The Prospective Entrepreneur Visa is a new category introduced to facilitate the prospective investors to enter Britain for six months to explore and invest in probable investments. It needs a £50,000 investment. This visa is a stepping stone to the Tier-I of the Entrepreneur Visa.

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