221111 Accountant (General) Immigrate To Australia

To Immigrate to Australia as Accountant (General) – 221111 through general skilled migration – GSM one needs to propose this occupation in Skilled trades list – SOL. You must be having baccalaureate degree in accountancy, there are some complimentary stipulations with reference to training and job profile. GSM passage can be most suitable passage for you if you fulfill some standards defined as minimum necessary attributes for visa.

There are a lot of options at your disposal as you can go for an independent visa or get a nomination from an Aussie province if you fulfill certain parameters or simply obtain a sponsorship of a qualified relation already in this country.

You have a lot of openings waiting for you in Oz nation in all sectors of economy that may be productive or service sectors. The job – profile of an accountancy practitioner is related to book keeping. You would be performing all financial transaction recording duties and your tasking would include sustaining and maintaining book keeping practices of an organization within the predetermined parameters. You will be able to present financial aspect of a company’s standings in various operations.

After proposing your Trade Code – 221111 in required trade list or SOL you must go for obtaining a positive evaluation of your credentials from the DIAC evaluating agency deputed for conducting this exercise. In your profession there are 3 participating organizations namely

  • CPA Australia
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia-ICCA
  • Institute of Public Accountants-IPA

Mission objective of this evaluation and verification is establish a conformity of your educational qualification or post secondary education to Australian counter parts and ingredients that are deemed as base line qualification indicators for your trade. This also ventures into you trade experience premise and weight age of experience

Document list for rating generally includes

  • Documentary evidence substantiating your
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    academic attainments in field of accountancy defined as basic specifications for the proposed SOL trade or closely associated minimum standards and educational reference in a field that is equivalent with the proposed SOL trade. These all criteria are associated with skill level indicated in ANZSCO and you are expected to be accomplished in 9 out of 12 basic aspects of accounting

  • You job portfolio pertaining to a minimum period of 5 years immediately preceding your request for evaluation. It must have an inclusion of a minimum of 1 year of work in the trade field or closely associated role and profession to trade list profession

This process can take up upto 4 weeks and it is advised here that positive assessment should be obtained 15 days in advance to lodging your application for Migrating To Australia As Accountant (General) – 221111

Accountant (General) 221111 must hold a baccalaureate degree in Accountancy. Evaluation is carried out CPA or ICCA or IPA & is vital for your chances of Migrating to Australia. You must furnish all documents evidencing your suitability to the proposed occupation to get a positive evaluation.

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