All about Schengen Visa

The much talked about Schengen Visa is nothing but a wonderful product of the Schengen Pact, which is an accord inked way back in 1985, involving five out of the ten member states of the European Economic Community. After five years, this pact got supplemented by the convention putting into operation of the Schengen Pact.

These treaties together gave birth to the Schengen Area of the Europen continent. This is basically a borderless zone. Even though this acts much like a single state for international travel with border controls for visitors travelling inside the area, and visiting the member states, there are no internal border controls as such.

The Schengen Agreements and the rules laid down under them were completely and thoroughly separate from the EU structures until the Amsterdam Treaty of 1997. The said

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accord included them under the mainstream of European Union (EU) law. Presently, this specific region has as many as 25 European nations.

Those holding this particular visa may travel to any of the member states by making use of one single visa, which dismisses the need of separate individual visas for each covered nation. Hence, in case one wants to traverse across Europe, all his passport requires is just one “stamp”. This particular stamp is nothing but the topic under discussion, the Schengen Visa. Without a doubt, this makes much of a difference to the concerned person’s plans that involve travel. In fact, the whole process becomes much comfortable and hassle free.

This particular visa helps one to travel freely, and without any restrictions whatsoever, within the involved countries for not more than 90 days, over a duration of six months. It implies that after the concerned person holding a Schengen visa has been in one or more Schengen Visa nations for 90 days, he must stay outside the borders of all the concerned states for a period of not less than 90 days or three months.

Schengen Visa Drawback

It must be mentioned that this specific visa — also called a Visitor Visa — is applicable only for business travel and leisure purposes. Although thanks to this visa, one is permitted and entitled to cover all member nations and travel freely across the said zone, he lacks the right to work, the reason being the holders of such visas do not have the authority to stay permanently, or do a job in the Schengen area.

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