All Canadian Visa Types, Requirements and Information

Let us just enlist All Canadian Visa Types, Requirements and Information. Migration system of maple country is a comprehensive set-up that is known for its compactness and effectivity. People willing to enter the shores of this awesome location do not need to hunt around pages and websites in order to get the right input on the kind of visa they would need to obtain before they fly in.

Visa system has been broadly defined on the basis of the requirement of the visitors. The framework has been designed in such a way that it posses minimum confusion for the officials at CIC and the travelers alike. The reasons are obvious for that as every year Canada receives almost 40 million people and over 35 million people are simply travelers entering the country for the purpose of tourism and leisure.Canada Immigration

To cater to the needs of casual visitors Canada offers travelers Visa that is available to people who have been sponsored either by a national or a permanent resident of maple country. The entry permit is needed by the citizens of the countries which do not have a reciprocal bi-lateral agreement with the Canadian authorities. The travel entry permission can be single entry of multiple entry and while the multiple entry has a validity period that spans over 10 years and can fetch you permission to enter the country for more than one time the single entry permit lasts only one term. This Canadian Visa Type is often referred to as temporary residential permit. The tenure of stay on this permit is decided and endorsed by the immigration official at the entry port and a traveler must depart form the country before or on the date of expiry of the allotted term.

In the itenary of the visitors permit short term entry permission is also made available to the people entering the country for a very short period i.e. a few days or weeks with an aim to expand trade and business ties, make new clients or enter trade agreements etc. in the country.

To get this entry permit besides the sponsorship of a Canadian national or PR you would also need to substantiate certain prelims i.e.

  • Return travel plans
  • Ability to finance your residence in the country through the permitted stay
  • Acceptable health and character background etc

The next Canadian Visa Type that is increasingly becoming popular with the people world over is the study permission. For this it is necessary for you to substantiate your admission into one of approved academic institutions of Canada. An original letter of endorsement from the admitting establishment must accompany you request financial ability to support your and any accompanying member’s stay in country through validity of entry permission. Recently a new category that enables parents and grand parents to visit their kin in Canada has been introduced under the nomenclature of Super Visa. The Requirements for This Canadian entry permit include a nomination from the children

The most prized possession of the available kind of entry permit that is sought by several millions world over is the permanent residential permit. Every year Canadian authorities grant this permit to several thousand qualified migrants from different parts of the planet with an intention to address the structural expertise deficit in domestic labor pool. An alternative route includes business and investment route. This entry permit class is fuelled by multiple programs at federal and provincial level. A provisional Canadian Visa Type includes work permission which enables employers to sponsor and recruit overseas workforce for shorter tenure in areas where domestic

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