All You Need To Know About Canada Visa Worker Express Program

The New Year will witness a new trend in the scale of overseas movement to Canada. Now, some of you may be wondering why so, and then it is on account of the much talked about and widely publicized Express Entry system that will be on the record facilitating movement to this country. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC)–a government body to regulate immigration–has been instrumental towards helping individuals live their long-cherished Canadian dreams.

Given this–if you want to know everything regarding the Canada Skilled Worker Visa Express Program–then this article will help you in all your pursuits. Now, let’s take a brief sneak at all the facts, and find out about this program that will help ease the movement of skilled workers from the different corners of the world to the shores of the Maple Leaf Country!

If you want to submit an application, under the Skilled Worker Program to Canada, then you need to know certain basics about the Skilled Worker Express Program that will unleash itself to help the many Canada immigration-inspired aspirants to successfully make it to the geographically HUGE North American Country.

In case you are applying for work and stay in the Maple Leaf Country, under the Skilled Occupation List, then you need to know that the aspirants like you will be chosen under the Canada Visa Worker Express Program, based on some of their skills.

Let’s take a quick look at what those skills are!

1. The first thing that will facilitate the process of your application is your language proficiency. It is vital that you have the right expertise about English and French for streamlining your application. To put it differently, you must be rather good at these languages.

2. The next thing that would regulate your petition is the education that you have received. There are many criterions that need to be duly filled for the job that you seek. You require having a Bachelor Degree in the specialized profession that you are seeking in the country.

3. The third thing that would be considered to grant the visa would be the work experience. If you want the appreciated and the much sought after Permanent Residence (PR) in the nation, then you need a minimum of 5 years of relevant work experience, to get your application suitably and positively accepted.

The new program that has already been officially launched from January 2015 will not be based on the first-come-first-serve basis. Rather it will take into account credibility. Hence–if you are able to pass through the parameters set depending on language test, employment or work experience, and education credential assessment–then you can be certain of getting your application properly processed that too quickly, and it will not take more than 6 months for getting all the formalities successfully completed.

So, once you are applying, make sure the following things for successfully carving your way out to the well-known global immigration hotspot. You must fulfill these requirements to get your petition processed quickly.

Skilled Work Experience

You must ensure that you have skilled work experience and in this category internships won’t count. At least you need to have 1,560 hours of work per year, or 30 hours of work per week to get your application for a positive and favorable consideration.

Paid Work

In this category, you need to just reflect the paid work that you have done. Therefore, in case you have interned, then it will not count in the experience. It is not positive news but it has to be kept in mind to avoid rejections.


Under this program, there will be a test to assess your adaptability. Hence, in case you score 67 out of 100, then you can migrate to this country under the Skilled Worker Program.

So–if you want a visa for Canada, under the Worker Express Program–then it is essential that you are accepted and qualify under every of the above given factors.


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