Application Process–Federal Skilled Worker Immigration Programme

Prior and a proper understanding of immigration application process is crucial for any immigration programme. In order to be successful in the first attempt itself and be accepted by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada, it is recommended to get a feel of the entire process before working on it.

The application procedure for federal skilled worker is as follows:

  • The applicant must asses his chances and minimum pass mark vis-à-vis qualifications, experience, occupation, credentials and adaptability factors. He must ensure that the Federal Skilled Worker is the right category for him. Also, choose the right application form.
  • These forms could either be typed out or filled in hand.
  • The questions should be answered very carefully with truthfulness giving all the required details. Make sure that all the forms are complete since, incomplete forms would be rejected.
  • An estimation of the cost incurred for the processing fee for the applicants and his dependents. This fee should be attached along with the forms.
  • The application will then be submitted at the centralized intake office (CIO) in Nova Scotia, Canada. CIO will assess whether the application meets the selection criteria and will revert with a positive or negative decision. If decision is negative, the application fee would be returned. However, if decision is positive, the application will be forwarded to the designated country visa post.
  • The application is then be submitted with all documents with the local visa post.
  • The applicant must submit the test score report related to language proficiency. Applicant have to incur the expenses for taking the language tests or any other related training.
  • Complete background check may be done on documents and information that has been provided on the forms as also accompanying documents. Where required, the applicant may be given an opportunity to provide an explanation or additional documents. However, it is essential to note that doing so is the case officer’s discretion. Case officer is within his right to take a decision based on submitted documents and refuse to accept any new documents or evidence that applicant may like to apply. So doing forms correctly and providing all documents and information the first time, is very important.
  • Applicant is asked to undergo medical and security clearances. Applicant incurs expenses related to medical and application for security clearances, wherever applicable.
  • Finally the applicant is asked to deposit the Right to Permanent Resident fee. This is only applicable if the application has been approved. This fee covers for the applicant and his spouse or the common – law partner. It is to be paid before the issuance of the permanent resident visa. This fee is refundable incase the applicant decides to cancel his application or does not use his visa.
  • Applicant must submit his passport for the stamping on the visa.

The process might seem very easy but many a times a minor error leads to the rejection of an application. It has to be remembered that while dealing with such an application, it is actually being dealt with bureaucracy. Here, everything goes by the law book. Thus, hiring an immigration advisor will ensure that even the smallest of details are not missed.

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  • Ikuyajolu Christopher Ononiyi

    I want to appy for the skilled migration. How can I get the form and where to get started?

  • Leverd

    Hi, I have submitted the documents for FSW at CIO-Nova Scotia on December 20, 2011. I have received a reply from CIO, Canada after 3 months and also an e-mail from Visa Office in Australia, Sydney.
    Actually, how long more does it take when they ask for the medical?
    Also, do they reply me through e-mail for the medical? If some problem happens in my e-mail, or couldnt get their e-mail but they have send that…..then what happens at that condition?
    Or do they reply for the medical through phone or mail??
    Normally, how long it takes for requesting the medical.

    Thank You..

  • Rakesh

    i sumbmitted my Federal skilled worker application on 4th August 2011 to CIO, Nova Scotia. I haven’t received any response from them. Is there any possible ways to contact them?

  • Sami


    I have applied for my Immigration in Jan 2010 and got done my medical in Mar 2010
    Got my Client id number also but when I am trying to get my application details on line couldn’t get and I just want to know how much time it will take more I am Pakistani Nat and My husband is Canadian he applied for my immigrations from Canada?

  • bianca

    my fsw application was submitted august 9,2011 under NOC 3152. i haven’t received any feedback yet.
    can we enquire from the CIO-NOVA SCOTIA if they received it or not? any link or email add so we can contact them?


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