Apply for Singapore Immigration Business Investors Category & Get World’s Most Valuable Passport!

Singapore Immigration Business Investors

Singapore Immigration for the Business people and investors is an excellent idea, especially for those who wish to leave their footprints on the global stage, and expand their business overseas using the City-state as a launch pad for their business. You can become a permanent resident in the country if you get an Investor/Business Visa.Free Assessment form

Over a period of time you may even get the prized Singapore Passport and move to the maximum number of countries and territories in the world without a visa. Isn’t this something to feel happy about?  As per a report, the Singapore Passport is the most valuable passport in the world.  In the list of the nations with the most valuable passports, it sits right at the top at the Number 1 position, followed by Germany at the Number 2; Sweden & South Korea at the Number 3; Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan & UK at the Number 4 position respectively.

Singapore Immigration Business Investors

Singapore Immigration Business Investors

Coming back to the business and investment aspects, he Republic of Singapore is an exceedingly developed international financial centre in the South East Asian region. One of the most amazing success stories in the world, it is basically a multicultural country of individuals from different lineage. At present, the city-state has nearly 5 million persons living inside its territories. The republic has reasonably priced cost of living and encouraging taxation for the corporates and individuals, consequently drawing numerous immigrant investors from all parts of the globe.

Singapore Immigrant Investor Programme

The republic provides a `Global Investment Programme` for the business entrepreneurs and the overseas nationals in return for an investment, for which a Permanent Residence (PR) may be received. Many global Businessmen and Investors, interested in Singapore Immigration, use the scheme to become permanent residents in the region and develop their business overseas, and make it more profitable.

Under the plan, you have two very good choices:

  1. Global Investor Scheme

The overseas investors will require investing 2.5 million Singapore Dollars (nearly 2 million US Dollars) in a Govt. sanctioned ventured capital funds. They must also possess rather good business experience. You may also form new firm/organization or expand your existing one in the City-state if the need arises for the same.

Global Investor Program – Who Can Apply?

In order to make the cut for the plan the candidate must:

Possess a considerable entrepreneurial and business background of not less than 3 years, to be shown by audited accounts of the candidate’s firm for the previous 3 years: it is mandatory that the turnover of the candidate’s firm is not less than 50,000,000 Singapore Dollars every year in the most recent year, and a minimum of 50,000,000 Singapore Dollars every year on average for the preceding 3 years; and where the chosen investment is in a new business startup or growth of a present operation, the candidate will require presenting the audited financial statements of the applicable firm at the close of the second & fourth year of his investment. For construction and realty businesses, it is compulsory that the turnover of the candidate’s firm is not less than 200,000,000 Singapore Dollars every year.

Apart from this, the candidate must make an investment of not less than 2,500,000 Singapore Dollars in the republic. The investments above have to be duly continued for a period of 5 years even while the business plans must have the sanction from Contact Singapore.Click Here

  1. Financial Investor Scheme (FIS)

The FIS enables well-heeled overseas people and their families to acquire the residency rights in the republic.

Under the FIS, you have two choices for investment. The first choice requires you to make an investment of not less than 10 million Singapore Dollars in assets. It is required that the investment is directed into and administered by a financial establishment under the aegis of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) agency even as the assets may be in the form of any of these– stock shares, bonds, gold, bank deposits, or other qualifying investment goods.

Apart from the obligatory minimum amount, it is also necessary that the foreign investors are not less than 21 years old, possess a personal net worth of 20 million Singapore Dollars, and place a minimum of 10 million Singapore Dollars of assets with a financial organization that’s MAS accepted.

The second option requires the foreign investor to possess a minimum of 8 million Singapore Dollars of assets and invest a minimum of 2 million Singapore Dollars in the nation’s different private housing properties.

Post the investments are made, and sanctioned by the administration of the City-state, the investor and family may get PR standing and obtain their Blue Cards as evidence of that position.

With PR, the investors may reside without any restrictions whatsoever and purchase property in the republic. The same enables one to submit an application for citizenship post 2 years of Permanent Residence in the City-state. Since Singapore does not allow `dual citizenship` you have to relinquish your existing citizenship, prior to submitting an application for one.


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