Interested In Acquiring International Experience, Exposure? Apply For US L1 Visa!

The US is a hot immigration destination for those who are looking for an opportunity to settle abroad. The country offers numerous opportunities to business men/women, skilled workers and students. You will find immigrants from almost every country of the world that makes the nation ethnically diverse and multi-linguistic, though its official language is English.

Also known as the ‘World’s lone Super Power’, the country is well developed, and offers high standard of living, modern lifestyle, highly developed infrastructure and modern amenities.  It is well accepted among professionals from different sectors, such as Managers, Executives and specialized knowledge professionals. They fall under a special category called US L1 Visa.Apply For US L1 Visa

Talking of the visa, it is basically a non immigrant visa and temporary in nature. Perhaps, many Multinational Companies (MNCs) based outside the US find it rather easy to transfer their employees to the country.  It is an intra company transfer visa. Initially, the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), the apex US immigration body, issues the visa for up to five years. The duration of the visa can be extended up to seven years in total.

Under the US L1 Visa class, there are mainly two types of employees involved– Managers/executives and specialized knowledge professionals. With a L1 Visa, you may travel abroad any number of times till the time your visa stands valid. However, the time period spend outside the country will be counted into the visa validity period.

Visa Process

  • The worker must be employed by the employer abroad for at least one year in continuation in the last three years as a manager, executive or as a specialized knowledge staff.
  • Must beforehand determine if L1 Visa is of right category for the applicant.
  • The qualifying company applies for the visa. It can also be used for starting a new office in the country.

Basic Eligibility Criteria

Under the category, both employee as well as petitioner has to meet the basic eligibility and the eligibility criteria are as follow:


  • Since the professional enters the country he/she must be employed for not less than one year in continuation in the last three years.
  • He or she should be a direct employee and receive the payroll of the qualifying company.
  • He or she must be an employee in an executive, specialized knowledge or managerial capacity.


  • The petitioner must share a valid relationship with the business entity in the country and the multinational company which hires the foreign professionals abroad.
  • While the visa holder is in the country, the petitioner must be involved in a business related activity with other country or with a qualifying company.

If the employer is well-known, and runs a well established qualifying company, then it’s relatively easy to apply for L1 Visa. However, if the qualifying firm is a start up or is relatively new, the petitioner must be fully prepared to undergo extensive paper work. Thus, it is highly recommendable to consult an immigration expert beforehand.


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