Are You Interested in Canada Immigration Programs for Skilled Workers

Canada is eager to welcome skilled and professional workers who can boost its growing economy. Highly trained employees are precious for the country. An aspiring migrant–who successfully meets the visa and immigration requirements meant for the Skilled Workers Program–can look forward to receive Canada PR Visa.

Several useful permit options, based on the skills and profession of the applicant, are available for migration to the country. One of the most easy-to-grab visas is the Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa; it gives the liberty to work and live in any Canadian territory, except Quebec. For specifically working in Quebec, the candidate has to file an application under the Quebec Skilled Migrant Workers Scheme.

Many provinces in the Maple Leaf Country have generated specific skilled workers programs for those immigration motivated aspirants who wish to live and work in that specific province which are included under fast-track immigration program.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Program

Petitions submitted for the Canada Immigration for Skilled Worker Visa under the Federal Skilled Worker Program is mainly assessed on the applicants’ language skills. Knowledge of English language is a must, but if the migrant knows the French language, then his chances of entry becomes relatively easier. The foremost obligation is that the skilled worker should have a valid employment letter from the Canadian employer.

Apart from the work guaranteed, the candidate requires to have work-experience in the relevant field in which he has applied for Canada immigration. His work experience should not be less than 1 year in the same line-of-work. His skill should be nominated in the occupation list of the Maple Leaf Country. Another important factor which adds on the visa process is the education of the migrant. His qualification should be equivalent to the Canadian study norms.

Adaptability to settle in the country holds another factor which is to be considered while applying for Canada immigration under the Skilled Workers Program. Due to a large number of applicants filing petitions for immigration, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has cut down the number of applications to 25,500. However, 500 submissions are reserved for PhD students and another 1000 for eligible skilled persons.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Quebec immigration the Quebec Skilled Worker Program is specially planned for the migrants who wish to settle in Quebec. An aspiring migrant has to achieve some points in order to qualify for the nominated category. He also needs to have a valid job letter. The minimum requirement is of 49 points, and if the aspirant wishes to move with spouse, then it is essential that he scores at least 57 points. Education helps in gaining 12 points, training area 16 points, employment letter 10 points, language skill 22 points, and age 16 points.

Along with minimum points, the aspiring migrant needs to be examined for health and security measures. Last but not the least the Provincial Nomination Program is specially designed for trained and skilled workers with the exception of designation of semi skilled workers. Whatever is the route to entry, the migrant can apply for its PR on a fast track.

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