Are You Interested in Immigration to Hong Kong from India

Hong Kong is a vibrant and a Special  Administrative Area of the People’s Republic of China. The city-state acts as a major gateway to China. The country is known by its initials ‘H.K.’ across the globe, and is famous for its natural harbor and towering skylines. It is one of the most populated cities in the  China Republic.

Since long, the highly successful (in terms of economy) city-state has attracted immigrants from every corner of the world, and Indian immigrants are no exception. In fact, immigration to Hong Kong from India has been going on since too long, and at an impressive rate.

H.K. is quite famous among the immigrants from India. Besides beautiful natural harbors and towering skylines, the country holds many attractions. For instance, it is the third most important leading international financial centre, and it is also a major capitalist service economy characterized by minimum taxation and free trade policy. And most importantly, the currency, Hong Kong dollar, is the eighth most traded currency worldwide.

Why, when it comes to immigration, majority of people from India choose Hong Kong over any other country?

Well, there are several compelling reasons for the same. Some of them are mentioned here under:

I. Being neighbors, Hong Kong Permit can be obtained easily, in comparison to any other country.

II. Hong Kong is a democratic state; it practices a free economy with minimum taxation rate and a fair procedure of selecting migrations.

III. Once you have immigrated to the city-state, your children become entitled to receive free education for the next 9 years.

IV. It has a high per capita income and living expenditure is quite low.

V. It has a high standard of living with the second longest life expectancy rate in the world.

VI. The city-state provides a very progressive atmosphere in an area over and over again portrayed as “East meets west”.

VII. The former British Colony offers a just system of choosing the candidates for migration.

VIII. The residency of the nation can be achieved incredibly easily and speedily, vis-à-vis other nations.

In Asia, H.K. runs the most successful economy, and annually the number of applicants submitted by Indian immigrants is increasing at a high speed. Several good options are up for grabs in case one has the right expertise and experience and wants to reside and do a job in the country. The Asian state has developed immigration procedure on the basis of the economic requirement of the autonomous region which can be primarily characterized into following three categories:

I. IANG designed for non local graduates—it refers to an individual who has either obtained an undergraduate or higher qualification, or is pursing studies from a recognized institute/college in Hong Kong. Individuals, who submit their application to the Hong Kong Immigration Department within six months of completing their graduation, are known as non-local fresh graduates.

II. General Employment scheme (GEP–it refers to those skilled professionals who hold experience and education qualification in a profession seeking skilled experts in the country. As per the program, the candidate requires to have a valid job offer from an employee in the country.

III. Quality Migrant Admission Scheme—it attracts well qualified and trained immigrants who are capable of settling and joining the workforce, or start a business venture with a possibility of creating more jobs for locals and contributing towards the national economy. The scheme is initiated by General Point Test. It is the most crucial part of immigration and it is compulsory to score 85 points out of 165 points. Every individual is judged on the basis of these factors, namely, education, age, work experience, linguistic capability, and family background.

Immigration to Hong Kong from India is possible through any of the above categories. However to get the more updated details, it is advisable to contact the China High Commission located in the capital city, Delhi.


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