Are You Interested in Permanent Resident Visa for Canada

The second biggest country in terms of the area, Canada is an amazing country with numerous visual treats and economic delights to offer to its citizens. A place best known to students for its high quality of education, and sport enthusiasts for winter sports, the Maple Leaf Country has something really perfect to offer to everyone.

Not just for tourists or explorers, the nation can be a dream destination for the ambitious, enterprising people also even as he can find several lucrative opportunities for significant growth and a better life and career.

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Actually, the nation can be a dream place for all the non-citizens who aspire to live abroad.

Immigrating to Canada

Immigrating to Canada, for mere a different living experience or enhancing career, has its own perks. The rise in per capita income is definitely one of them! Ranked as one of the wealthiest and recognized as a middle power, the widely preferred country gives lucrative prospects to professionals who want to start their living therein.

With its ever-growing economy, the famous overseas destination makes it more approachable for non-citizens to migrate there and work. In fact, it is also ranked 11th on the Human Development Index and holds numerable positions for government transparency, quality of life, economic freedom, civil liberties and education etc.

Permanent Resident Visa for Canada

Perhaps, due to all this, of late, the demand for Permanent Resident Visa for Canada has increased tremendously even as the aspirants are busy exploring the various visa paths to get hold of the prized permit.

A person having a Permanent Resident Visa for Canada, or the permanent residence status, will be given a PR Card which will be valid for 5 years. The permanent resident of Canada has a right to benefit from all the existing opportunities available in the country, like education, work and residence. A permanent resident can even eventually file a visa-petition for citizenship.

Coming back to the issue of the PR Card, it’s basically a kind of travel document allowing the holder to come from and go to the nation as per his needs, as long as the card is valid. A Canada immigration lawyer or consultant can help you in completing the procedure. It is very necessary to hire an immigration lawyer who can assist you for the process of permanent residency in Canada.

As long as your permanent residency has been maintained, the Canada PR Card can be renewed continuously. A term called Permanent Residency, according to Canadian Immigration law, means when a person resides in the country for 2 out of 5 year period of his PR card.

A person has potentially right to stay for 3 out of 5 years outside the country and still legally be a permanent resident. It is very important for everyone to take a note, that living for 2 years in the Maple Leaf Country is vital, but these years can be divided as per you wish.

You just need to meet the requirement prescribed by the Canada Immigration Law. This means that if a permanent resident is out for more than 3 years out of 5, then he may end up losing his permanent resident status.

In some specific instances, exceptions to the 2-year rule can be made. When a permanent resident is not in the country for a long time but he accompanies a Canadian spouse, parent or common-law partner, the person is still considered a resident during that time.

If the person is working for a national firm even as he is sent out for an on-site project for a long period of 3 years or more than that, then according to Canadian Federal government, he can still be counted as the permanent resident also. If a permanent resident is working outside the nation, his spouse or common-law spouse and children will also have their time counted as being a permanent resident therein.

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