Are You Keen In Canada Immigration From India?

Do you now Canada has the largest Asian colony outside Asia?  Yes, also known as the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’, it has gained huge popularity among Asians!

While many other developed countries–such as the UK and the US–continue to tighten immigration process for the Indian immigrants, the Maple Leaf Country is an exception. The nation is moving a step further to liberalize visa regime for Indian immigrants in almost all the categories, which includes education, leisure, work and business.

The country is ethnically diverse. When you visit it, you will experience different culture, values and languages, with English and French being the two national languages. Its citizens are peace-loving and immigrant-friendly, even as the country, through its thriving economy, continues to create more job opportunities for skilled workers every year.

But that does not mean other immigrants are not welcome. A large number of business personals see Canada as a promising destination, and when it comes to education, a very large number of Indians come to the country to pursue higher studies.

As per a report, around 3% of the total population of the nation consists of Indians. Contribution of Indian Immigrants towards the development of the national economy and country is highly valued and respected.

Prospective immigrants thinking of Canada Immigration from India has many easy-to-avail immigration options and various ways for effortless movement. But a potential applicant is one who decides the immigration programme after thorough consideration as to which immigration program will suit not only his needs best but also the needs of his family members.

Following are some of the ways to immigrate to the Maple Leaf Country:

Express Entry System:  For skilled workers with right education, skills, and experience and a keen desire to permanently live and work in the country.

Provincial Nominees: For the eligible applicants who are nominated by one specific province or territory.

Business immigration: The category includes investors, self-employed and entrepreneurs. After skilled workers, a large number of people immigrant under this specific category.

There are many other ways also to move to the country, such as the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), Quebec Immigration Programme both for business personals and skilled workers, and sponsorship programmes, among many others.

Canada Immigration from India

Applicants may visit the Canadian High Commission located in New Delhi the capital city of India, or they may visit the Canada visa consultant who keep themselves updated with the polices and conditions related to Canada Immigration so that they can provide you complete assistance as per your specific requirements.

For Indian immigrants, moving to the hot immigration destination is a relatively easy task. Many times applications are rejected due to lack of awareness and negligence on the applicants’ part. Thus, they need to be more careful and do their home work well. A proper assistance and timely update is all required to get your application approved.


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