Are You Professionally Involved with Paramedical Occupations? Use Canada FSW Program!

Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program is the country’s main immigration program for skilled workers globally. The program is designed with the aim of recruiting professionals with the qualifications, skills, and experience to fill the nation’s skill shortages, and contribute to the national economy. Successful applicants are granted a Permanent Residence (PR) Visa and are entitled to live and work in any Canadian territory or province, except Quebec.

Basic Features of the visa granted under Canada FSW Program

  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa allows you to work without the need to be sponsored by any Canadian employer
  • Successful applicants are free to work without any restrictions
  • At the end of three years of stay, the applicant can apply for citizenship
  • Once you are granted a Passport and Citizenship, you can travel to many countries in the world without any visa
  • You can easily sponsor your immediate family and relatives
  • Permanent Residency include access to government subsidized education and healthcare and unrestricted access to labor market and associated insurance and pension benefits

If you are involved with one of the Paramedical occupations NOC 3234, you can easily take advantage of the above program as the Paramedical Occupations is listed on the in-demand list. It is a fact that trained aspirants can exploit the Canada FSW Program to gain admission in the Maple Leaf Country and work therein.

Paramedical Occupations Profile

It includes workers who administer pre-hospital emergency medical care to patients with injuries or medical illnesses, and transport them to hospitals or other medical facilities, for further medical care. Usually, they are employed by hospitals, private ambulance services, fire departments, manufacturing firms, mining companies, and other private sector establishments.

Key Duties

  1. Review medical illnesses of trauma victims, patients with respiratory disease and stress, overdose and poisoning victims, industrial accident victims and other ill or injured individuals, to determine emergency medical treatment.
  2. Direct pre-hospital emergency care, such as oxygen therapy, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, spinal immobilization, bandaging and splinting.
  3. Establish and maintain intravenous treatment (IV), apply adjunctive equipment for ventilation and circulation complications, administer medications, and provide other advanced emergency treatment.
  4. Transport patients by air, land or water to hospital or other medical facility for further medical care.
  5. Work together with ambulance dispatch centers, hospital staff, police, firefighters and family members, to ensure relevant information is collected and proper treatment is administered.
  6. Document and record the nature of injuries and illnesses and treatment given, and lend a hand to hospital personnel with provision of medical treatment.
  7. Maintain ambulances and emergency care equipment and supplies, and also train and supervise other workers in this unit group.

Occupational Titles

Advanced care paramedic
Ambulance attendant
Critical care paramedic
Emergency medical attendant (EMA)
Emergency medical technician, paramedic
Primary care paramedic

Key Requirements

  1. You are required to complete a graduation or post graduation degree in hospital-based or recognized paramedical or emergency medical technology program.
  2. You are required to obtain license by a regulatory body and those operating emergency vehicles require an appropriate class of license.

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