Armenia Has a Lot to Promise, Get Temporary Residence Visa!

Are you looking for opportunities to immigrate? Do you want to have the best destination in your list where you can move? Does the Central Asia region attract you? Well, these are just some of the questions which one would like to put in front of you.

Most people are always looking forward to certain ‘tried and tested’ big destinations, like the UK, France, Germany, the US, Canada, Russia, and Australia. Well, these are definitely the game changing economies of the world, but it is very difficult for the immigrants to end up being there easily. One needs to have exceptional skills and they must have a huge wallet to end up being in those countries. Armenia immigration Visa

But the scenario altogether alters for Central Asia region. In this part of the globe there is a country far stretched out to likes of the Soviet, and straddling tall in the mountainous region of Europe and Russia, Armenia is an exceptional and exciting place for the immigrants. One can easily look forward to immigration to Armenia through Temporary Residence Visa. The visa is easily processed and people are able to exploit the possibilities of moving to this small yet exceptionally promising country.

Why Immigrate to Armenia?

Now, when one has a plethora of option to move to big countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, the UK, the US, France, why would anyone like to consider Armenia as an immigrant destination? Well, if there are folks who have these questions to hover their head, this piece will unravel the brighter side of Armenia and help immigrants take a decisive turn towards improvising on the possibilities.

Some Top Reasons to Move to Armenia

Yerevan: A paradise for investment in hotels and restaurants

Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia, has been emerging as a business hub. There has been rapid transformation going in this part of the country in fooding segment. Numerous restaurants, shops and cafes have come up. And, with the emergence of different museums, and tourist places, there has been a large scale migration of the tourists. As an investor, one can always look forward to making investment and exploiting the possibilities for better Return on Investment.

Armenia: A Hub for Job and Better living standards

A huge amount of investment has been happening in the real-estate and manufacturing segment in Armenia even as it has led to an increasing surge in the demand for lucrative jobs. At the same time, since the cost of living is extremely manageable, Armenia has ended up being a lucrative opportunity for jobs and business expansion.

Armenia Temporary Residence Visa

Now, once you are captivated and satisfied that moving to Armenia would not put you altogether in a disadvantageous position, there is always a good possibility of looking for the best visas which can make a difference. The Armenian Temporary Residence Visa is one such gateway which would ensure that movement to this country can happen in a smooth way.

It is the best way to help streamline the movement, and since the nation follows a completely different immigration policy favoring the immigrants, it becomes entirely easy to move to this country.

Under the visa, the nationals of the European Union (EU), European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) members, and former Soviet members can move to the country without a visa, and stay there in for 180 days or 3 months whichever is lower. But for nationals belonging to other countries, they can stay for 120 days with additional 60 days granted upon extension.

Armenia has strong penchant for investors, and if they are moving to this country, there are no specific immigration practices which would be required. However, for nationals from China, India, Pakistan and other African countries, it is a must for them to avail the Armenian Visa from the Armenia Consulates abroad.

So, for those who wish to move to Armenia, it would be the best decision to check this country once since it has a lot to promise.



  • Ravi Grover

    If I’m working in Armenia last 4 month than how can i move in Canada

  • Antony John

    Hi. I am Antony(Indian) .. Currently living in China with my wife (Chinese) . I have been hearing a lot of good things about Armenia.. What is the procedure to apply for the Temporary Residence Permit? I am considering movinf to that side of the world. so would like to know more..
    Awaiting you reply
    Thank You

  • Satyabrata

    I want to explore this beautiful country. Need to have a temporary residence permit. Could you provide??? How much it will cost me??? I am Indian citizen.

  • Sanjay Acharya

    Hello iam sanjay Acharya from.mumbai . Would like to know the process to get temporary residence card & fees
    What are the possibilites once a person work in Armenia continuos for 6 month can migrate to canada for job purpise from there
    Kindly guide me

  • Manish sharma

    Greetings of the day
    I m Manish and I want to apply for TRC visa for the purpose of job in Armenia. Please tell me the process and fee details and documents required for it.
    Manish sharma
    +91 9911771085
    [email protected]

  • Saiyed Mubin

    Hello sir,
    I’m from India and I’m interested in Armenia in business for hotel and restaurant and farming if you don’t mine can you explain for the I’m investing in Armenia which banifit and profit.
    I’m approx invest for 15000$ for difrent sector

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