Arranged Employment in Canada

Canada immigration and citizenship department keeps changing their immigration rules and regulations. Economic business men and skilled labors make the maximum proportion of Canadian immigrants. As the department is flooded with number of applications for visa approval, the officers needed a quantitative method to select the most qualified and deserving candidates for federal skilled worker program.

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So, they made Canada immigration point calculator, where 10 points are for invitation by employer which may lead to arranged employment Canada immigration.

It is a simple and detailed method of discriminating one application from another. Canada immigration point calculator is the first step toward your federal skilled visa application approval. Federal skilled visa application is a program, which allows a skilled worker to immigrate and live permanently in Canada on the basis of his/her occupational qualification.

To get arranged employment Canada immigration one should have Permanent job offer from a Canadian employer, approved by the Canadian Government Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) or should have a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer, without the necessity of human resources and skills development Canada approval, if at any time of applying for the permanent resident visa, the applicant is employed in Canada by the same employer, on one of the temporary work permits that allow for arranged employment in Canada.

In both the cases along with 10 points will be awarded and one may also get additional five points for adaptability. Applicant must meet all required Canadian licensing or regulatory standards associated with the job. The AEO, Arranged Employment Opinion holder usually arrives in Canada on a permanent resident visa in less than a year of AEO approval- and hence helps the employers in doing their long term human resource planning. An AEO application may be processed faster by Citizenship and Immigration department, ensuring faster employee availability for employers’ near future recruiting needs.

Arranged employment Canada immigration is a way to get permanent residence in Canada through employment. It adds points to point calculator system of Canadian immigration. The employer letter of job offer must state that the offer to the skilled worker is either permanent or indeterminate.


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