A Detailed Look at Arranged Employment Options

Arranged Employment Option is the process via which a company submits an application regarding the appointment of skilled workers for permanent residency. A positive AEO only encourages the skilled labors application for permanent residency. It doesn’t say anything about working in Canada, for that there is another process if anyone wants to employ the person supporting their permanent immigration to Canada.

There are some factors that should be taken into consideration when making an arranged employment option (AEO).The factors that are taken into consideration while assessing a job offer for the AEO are primarily, the occupation that the skilled worker will be provided, the wages that will be provided to them, the legitimacy of the employer and offer — whether the offer is full time, permanent and non seasonal.

A permanent job offer does not state that the person can immigrate to other country must meet the requirement of the skilled worker class. That is they should have at least one year experience in the field. The job offer is checked with the duties they have to perform, and also the nature of the job is clarified that the foreign worker has to perform.

They also review the wages that the company is offering to the skilled worker and compare them with the wages that are given to Canadians for the similar job. If the company is providing low wages to the foreign worker, the job offer gets rejected. Job working conditions should also be as per the federal and provincials rules for occupation and workplace.

Authority grants points to the skilled worker permanent resident application by ensuring that the offer is genuine, and the company will provide worker employment when they become permanent resident of the country. In order to do that the company is required to submit the offer letter of permanent employment – signed by the authorized signatory of that company – to the immigration authorities.

The offer letter will be stating whether the offer is permanent or indeterminate, describing the occupation and duties and also stating the salary that has to be paid to the skilled worker.

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