Attention Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals! Australia Immigration Ready to Receive You!

Australia is a highly developed world economy. Its infrastructure is well developed; the designers working in different sectors have no parallels and are highly competitive at the global level. Various engineering sectors have vast scope to explore. Science and transportation is world class with latest techniques and module. Over all its different sectors present a vast scope for exploring new opportunities.

If you are a professional in any of the following fields, namely, Design, Engineering, Science & Transport, then for you immigration to Australia could be an extremely easy and timely affair. The development of these sectors has opened new avenues and job opportunities across the country. Internally the Australian officials fail to meet the growing demand for these professionals. As a result, the country wants skilled professionals who have both the ability and the skills to settle and contribute towards the growing and demanding sectors.

The high demand of the skilled professionals has made ‘The Land of Kangaroos’, Australia the most preferred country, especially South Australia (SA) for the young generation. These people are ambitious and eager to push the professional boundaries over all. About one-fourth of its population, that is about 25%, consists of the non-citizens making the country the Number One immigration destination worldwide.

These professionals analyze, conceptualize and perform creative tasks through applying theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the fields design, engineering, the physical and life sciences, science and transport. Every profession has a set level of skill commensurate with different qualifications and work experience.

Key Responsibilities

  • Design and communicate creative ideas through various means of communication.
  • Analyze, plan, develop and implement programs and solutions to problems.
  • Conduct and analyze research in the field of the science and engineering through innovative techniques.
  • Design and develop products, buildings and other physical structures and engineering systems.
  • Design, implement, test and maintain technologies and services that enable information to be accessed, stored, manipulated, processed, and disseminated.

Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals, interested in Australia Immigration, may easily avail the option of State Nominated Occupation List (SNOL) under 23 ANZSCO Code. The South Australian province is the most developed Australian province with vast employment opportunities for immigrants.

The provincial South Australian authorities have implemented the various qualifications parameters for formal education, prior work experience, and language efficiency, age, etc. for each occupation as per their professional requirements.

If you are interested in processing your application under the SA Skilled Immigration, you should either consult the state based SNOL, or else approach an immigration expert.

Top benefits of immigration, via state based SNOL

The province has a lot to offer to those who immigrate to its soils in search of better employment opportunities. Some benefits of immigrating through state based SNOL:

  • You have access to an extensive State Occupation List (SOL).
  • Your application is processed on a priority basis with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).
  • You are entitled to earn some extra points towards the DIBP’s points test.
  • For new immigrants, information sessions are organized where you are proffered information to easily settle in SA and seek a suitable job therein.


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