Attention Environmental Engineers! Immigrate to Australia, Canada!

Environment issues are severely haunting the world at present. And, if you are thinking that how it can be curtailed, you will have figure-out the best possibilities that can come in handy and for that research and other possibilities have to be met.

In most cases, the demand for this particular kind of Engineering is mostly in demand in Australia and Canada. Given this, in case you want to exploit the possibilities that are in demand, immigration is the only thing that you can watch out for.

If you want to move as an Environmental Engineer and immigrate to Australia and Canada, you will have to know about the possibilities that can happen in the first place.  The demand for these professionals is at its highest level at present, and if you want to immigrate, then you will have to do certain work for getting the possibilities met in the first place.

As a skilled Environmental Engineer, you will be asked to assess the quality of soil, water, noise and other engineering projects and plan out the process of waste disposal and other environment threatening things that pose a severe threat. So, you must make these things certain under the Skill Level 1 Visa. The visa option grants the best advantages in particular and it allows you to grow your career towards new height.

Australia Immigration for Environmental Engineers

The average salary of the professionals is also pretty promising and they always get innumerable opportunities through different programs, thereby these advantages act as a catalyst for innumerable immigrants to think for Australia for meeting with their aspirations.

The possibility of the movement is streamlined through the ANZSCO 233915 Visa and if you are reeling for the movement, you can use this visa option to move and bring opportunities into picture. The number of invitation under the 189 Visa for Engineers stands at 1,000 and the 489 Visa simplifies the movement for the family also and it stands at 20 in particular. Hence, if you are looking for the movement, you can use the visa options that are mentioned for Australia.

You will have to show work experience and must have the basic proficiency level met in English to make sure that you are able to move. On an average, you must furnish 3 years of work experience and must have at least 7 bands in the IELTS test to make sure that you are able to move without any hassle. If you meet with all these possibilities, you can be rest assured that moving to Down Under would not be a tough pursuit at all.

Canada Immigration for Environmental Engineers

Now, not all aspiring immigrants would be looking forward to immigration to Australia as there are other countries also in the picture in environmental engineer category. So, if you are thinking about the next best alternative that you can avail, you can always look forward to Canada for certain.

This country is a truly magnificent place to consider and if you are looking for better life standard and pleasurable environment, you would be satisfied to the core when you are in this nation. The skill level A allows the immigrants the possibilities to move and you can make the immigration happen in particular.

In case you want to move under this specific programme, you need the best immigration attorney/consultant to help you. These days, getting the best immigration attorney is the most challenging proposition and if you want to get the best then make sure that you are judging them by their experience.

An experienced professional would always give you the best that matters in particular. And when you are thinking about the immigration, you must make sure that you have the best in particular. You must also see that they are charging fairy for the prices and this would always help you get the possibilities streamlined in the best way possible.

So, make sure that you get the best immigration consultant for the overseas movement to your dream destination.



  • simer

    hi i am chemical engineer and want to pursue environmental engineering can u tell which country will be better as for career wise australia or canada

  • Roxanne Saludes

    Hi, just last June i recently graduated from my masters degree in environmental engineering in UP Diliman. I would like to know if AU and CA have special visa for environmental engineers?

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Roxanneh,

      Thanks for showing your interest, kindly send your resume for review @ [email protected], After review one of our visa experts will call you and give you the details about Australia & Canada visa.

  • Prasad

    Hii am an Environmental Engineer.
    For AU or Canada PR, English test score is compulsory? ???

    I have 8.8yrs of experience in water treatment industry….

    • Immigration Experts

      Yes, It is compulsory.

    • Sasha

      I am about to graduate with B.E in environmental engineering from USA
      When I move will have no experience in the field ? What are my chances of getting the visa ?

      • Immigration Experts

        Hello Sasha,

        Thanks for your comment. Can you please send me your updated resume of self and spouse (if married) at [email protected] for evaluation and assessment process, post that my immigration lawyer will get in touch with you for further guidance.

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