Attention Express Entry Candidates! Immigration Possible Courtesy Eligible Employers in Canada!

Canada has always been the hub of immigration and almost 19% of the population in this country comprises of immigrants. Such a large chunk of the population being immigrants itself reveals a story that this country has, from time immemorial, welcomed people from the world to come and thrive in their economy.

This year Canada has lived up to the trend and in order to streamline the immigration pursuits of innumerable people–who are reeling to make this country their permanent abode–the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), the authorized immigration body, has introduced a new programme, to streamline the movement. Known as Express Entry, or Expression of Interest (EoI), it has done away with the first-come-first-serve basis, and introduced new parameters that provide more leverage to immigration of skilled workers.

Express Entry will make movement of trained immigrants, who are looking forward to the Maple Leaf Country, more helpful. As this country requires skilled labor for certain sectors–where the supply of trained manpower has plummeted–it has introduced new jobs in the Skilled Job List.

So, Express Entry candidates with eligible credentials will find employers ready to hire them in Canada this year. This system conducts draws and these draws help in deciding the movement. However, there are also provisions where eligible employers in the nation in need of skilled workers can sponsor immigrants and thereby these immigrants can move to the nation.

So, if you are one such enthusiast looking for movement, how to pave things! Well, don’t look skeptical, in this piece, you will get information that you need to move under the Federal Skilled Workers Programme.

Once you intend to move under the scheme, you need to adhere to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) that the eligible employers in Canada seek. Once you are able to crack the CRS, your skills, language proficiency, adeptness are ascertained, and this makes you eligible to get selected for different provinces that are in need of skilled workers, for streamlining their growth and development.

Express Entry draws are highly transparent and there is no foul play involved. As the system follows comprehensive evaluation, every skill of yours would be put into consideration and awarded accordingly. Once the test is taken, then it gives a clear picture to the employers based in different provinces through the test score as to who is the most eligible candidate to be picked for the job.

Hence, in all probabilities–if you want to exploit the Express Entry system and redeem yourself among candidates with eligible credentials whom employers in Canada are willing to pick–you must be clear with the CRS.

Let’s take a quick look at what this CRS seeks!

1. For skills and experience, the candidates are straightway awarded 500 points.

2. If you have skills that can be transferred to other job, you tend to get another 100 points.

3. If you get a nomination or sponsorship from any Canadian based employer, then you would be given additional bonus point that would help you streamline your movement.


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