Australia – Still a Favorable Destination

In spite of the recent racist attacks, Australia still holds well as a destination for skilled worker immigrants. Keeping the recent happenings aside, the job prospects are highly enriching offering an individual almost everything that he is on the search for. Being a free market economy, it is highly dominated by the service industry. This simply shows the need for skilled and qualified migrants which the Australian economy lacks.

On an optimistic note, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the employment rate increased to 10.794 million from 32,200. This clearly shows the rise in the economy with an addition of 32,200 more employees in July 2009. When compared to other countries, the country’s employment rate has been constant at 5.8%. In addition, the part – time employment has increased to 3.203 million from 48,200. This clearly shows the employers deriving less hours of work instead of removing employees.

The skilled migrants mainly come from developing countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka and so on. They are on the look out for better opportunities and facilities and a secure future. Such people have nothing to lose and hence, would give their best if employed with a decent remuneration. In addition, they are also highly skilled and qualified and extremely hardworking. This is an added advantage for the employers recruiting such people.

Since issues like racism have hit the Australian economy along with other aspects, it is up to the Australian government as well as the employers recruiting skilled migrants to ensure safety. This could possibly be done by being fair and completely unbiased. As a start, the right candidates should be selected by the employers. It should be followed by ensuring safety and other basic facilities to the immigrants.

On the other hand, the prospective immigrants can look into the following aspects to increase their chances:

  • Language Skills – Australia being an English speaking continent, the candidate must ensure that his English language skills are up to the mark. It is highly mandatory that the applicant is good and fluent in English in order to get a decent job. In addition, it is important for them to communicate with the local people. However, the level of fluency in the language varies with the job stream that one is applying for.
  • Qualifications and Work Experience – The qualifications and work experience might be the best available in the home country. But it does not necessarily mean that it would have the due weightage to an Australian employer. Hence, it is best to present the profile in such a manner that would distinctly project the job duties and responsibilities. This would give the candidate an edge in the eyes of the employer.
  • Location – It is important to get to know about the city/state where one intends to reside. See to it that the city is safe to live and work. Also, it is possible to more suitable jobs in one city than in the other. Thus, it is recommended to do a thorough research before applying for a particular job.
  • Confidence, Competence and Flexibility – An immigrant has to remember that he is going to an alien land. Hence, he has to deal with certain unexpected changes socially, culturally and so on. The migrant’s attitude and his reaction to change counts highly. He should be able to adapt to change and new policies and be sportive enough to try out new things. Hence, he should have a positive approach to everything he does in the new country.

In order to find a job in Australia, one can refer to the various job banks and online job search portals. Along with these, services of a registered immigration and visa consultant would be highly useful. Consult one today!


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