Australia 457 Visa–Some Frequently Asked Questions & Their Answers

Among the many visas up for grabs, for Australia immigration, Australia 457 Visa enjoys widespread popularity even as a large number of aspirants, from across the world, apply for it.

Let’s find-out about the visa in detail and seek answers to some of the most frequently asked questions related to the visa.

What’s Australia 457 Visa?Australia Immigration

It is basically a temporary work visa for trained personnel. It is a visa that is sponsored by a recruiter/job-provider. Under the category, overseas or Australia firms that are powerless to discover any appropriate nationals can provide sponsorship to the qualified workers from abroad.

How can any recruiter/job-provider provide sponsorship to any overseas employee?

There are various stages in providing sponsorship to any worker under the Subcategory 457 Visa even as these comprise sponsorship, visa petition and nomination.

The recruiter/job-provider presents a petition for sanction as any typical business sponsor. It is required to nominate any profession for the visa. The recruiter/job-provider proceeds to offer nomination to a line-of-work for any existing/potential 457 Visa holder. The person from out-of-the-country nominated, to do a job in the nominated work, then presents a petition for the visa.

Do 457 Visa holders enjoy the right to bring their family along?

The visa holders are given the permission to bring along their family. For the same, qualified dependents are permitted to arrive in the country along with the visa holder.

Do Australia 457 Visa holders have to establish their English language skill?

The main candidate, under the standard business sponsorship arrangements, requires catering to the English language requirement unless and until he comes under any of these classes (of exempted individuals)—

He has a passport of any of these nations–New Zealand, the US, Canada, Britain, or the Republic of Ireland, or

He has successfully concluded not less than 5 years of full-time study in any secondary/higher education establishment which carried-out the teaching in English, or

He is to be paid not less than an income surpassing English language requirement exempt amount. In addition, the grant of the visa must be in the overall interests of Oz. The income is the least amount to be paid for visa period.

What other rights the 457 Visa holders have?

They have several rights such as:

  1. They can do a job in the country from 1 day to 4 years;
  2. They can bring any suitable dependents along with them to the nation. Dependents have a right to work and enroll for any study course in Down Under;
  3. They are free to take a trip in and out of Australia as many time they want while their visa is legally valid.

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