Australia Business Innovation & Investment Visa

Business innovation and investment (Residence) (Sub-class 888) visa

This Visa is a second stage visa of business innovation and investment program. This visa is granted on fulfilling preconditions of temporary visa under subclass 188

There are 2 categories in this visa

  1. Business owners for those who own and run their visa in Australia
  2. Investors  who  have  sustained  investment  in  the  qualified  venues  and  specified region of Australia and have strong intent to maintain their investment in the country after the maturity of original program goals.

With this visa you can…

  • Own and run business or investment permanently in the country
  • Live and work permanently
  • Include family membersAustralia Immigration Visa

Prerequisites for this visa

  •  Must be holder of temporary business innovation and investment visa
  •  Have been sponsored by Aussie province or region
  •  Have fulfilled all pre conditions of original temporary arrangement
  •  Have fulfilled category specific requirements like business innovation
  • Created at-least 2 full time jobs for Aussie citizens or Permanent residents or NZ passport holders
  •  Played an active role in management of main business (or 2 main stay) established for a minimum of 2 years preceding to application
  • Have complied with all statutory and regulatory requirements for each of establishments.
  • In a year preceding to application achieved:-
  1. A turnover of a minimum of AUD 300000
  2. A net business asset value of  AUD 200000 of main (or 2 mainstay) business and net business
  1. and asset value of AUD 600000
  •  Owned share of the establishments in specified ratio pattern For Investor
  •   Maintained qualified investment for a minimum of 4 years
  •   Complied with all statutory and regulatory requirements in relation to your investment
  •   Intend to continue with investment


  • hello
    i have studies in in maths.I have 3 year 4 months experience in quality analysis .
    which visa will be suitable for me?

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Bhavin,
      Thanks for the comment.You can go for PR visas with which you can go there and do jobs.Please send us detailed resume of self and spouse(if married)to [email protected] and we shall guide you further.

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