Australia Business Innovation, Investment Subclass 188—Major Requirements

Do you have that business mind, is your soul oriented towards making every penny count? Well, if you are one of those people who think beyond the mediocre and turn the odds in your favor, then Australia is all set to embrace you this year. Oz likes to see those business minds that can turn the economy into a power house and for that Australia has launched its Business Innovation Investment Subclass 188 Visa.

Now, you may be thinking what one earth is this Investment Subclass 188 Visa. Well, it is a ticket that would help you land up to this ‘Land of Kangaroos’ and put in your intelligentsia and prudence towards economic development, growth and expansion of this country.

Under this visa, you would be eligible to live in the nation for a time period of 4 years. If you have taken this visa, the first and foremost priority is the investment, and it should come instantly once you have availed the same. However, this permit is not a simple cup of tea; there are loads of formalities, criteria and requirements that it seeks for streamlining the movement.

Hence, if you want to avail Australia Business Innovation Investment Subclass 188 visas, you need to satisfy few basic requirements. In this piece, you would come across the basic parameters that are needed. However, if you want more technicalities to surface during the immigration, it is a much better choice to always look for some professional immigration consultants who can guide you with all the technicalities and ensure that your pursuit is met in the best possible way. But in the meantime, you can definitely look at the basics of the visa before applying for it.

Australia Business Innovation, Investment Subclass 188–Requirements

As an applicant, if you apply for the permit, you are supposed to meet some basic criteria for getting leverage during the selection process.

1. You must have been nominated by the state and territory authorities for getting the immigration streamlined.

2. You are asked by the authorities to apply through SkillSelect Visa.

3. You must not be over 55 years of age while applying for the visa. If you cross the 55 mark, the state and territory can sponsor you only if it feels that you can be of leverage for the growth and expansion of the economy.

4. You must have a brisk and experienced business career to streamline the movement. In case you have a splendid experience of business, it will provide you an edge, and you can flamboyantly move without any problems whatsoever.

However, these are not the only things that this style of immigration seeks. If you are availing Australia Business Immigration, you must be an eager investor and you must look forward to investing AU$1.5 million. It is mandatory that you have AU$2.25 million as your personal asset to help the authorities conclude whether you fit for this particular visa class.


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