Australia Business Programmes–What Options You Have?

It is no secret that Australia is slowly but steadily emerging as a hub for investment, and with the endeavors that Tony Abbot, the Australian Prime Minister, has shown towards improvising on the foreign direct investment, it has opened new business programmes for immigrants.

Australia Business Programmes are emerging as a gateway for immigrants with business acumen to land in this country, and make the most from the opportunities that it offers to off shore investors.

Since the economy is the 13th largest in the world, and it is service and product based, it provides more realms for investors to explore new horizons, and tap those to make the most from their investment. For any optimistic and dynamic investor, if you ask the place where he would go for investment, they would definitely say Down Under.

Hence, if you also fall in the same category, and you are looking forward to make investments under the Business Programmes for Australia, and make this country your permanent abode, you have landed at the right place.

In this piece, you will get to know about the Business Programmes and how you can use them for improvising on your growth and development in Oz.

For business style immigration, you can bank upon the Subclass 188 for movement. This specific class of visa is granted to those who bring innovation and investment in the Australian economy. For ensuring that you get this scheme to go on your behalf, and help you move, you must first understand it.

Under this particular scheme, you will have to first go for Expression of Interest (EoI). The EoI will be a prima facie document that would act as an acknowledgment that you are looking forward to immigration. In the EoI, you will have to clearly mention the objective of the immigration, and whether or not you will be the able to meet with it.

There are also tests conducted to evaluate the eligibility of the applicant. Under the Australia Business Programmes for streamlining immigration, you can lean towards four different schemes up for grabs for ensuring that you are able to move.

Business Innovation System

This style of immigration is basically meant for those who have exceptional ideas, and they could use them for improvising on the growth prospects and expansion of the economy. The specific system is very tough to procure even as you will have to display exceptional skills in dealing with business back in your homeland. At the same time, you will have to present viable and profitable solutions that can improvise on the growth and expansion of the economy.

Investor Programme

The second programme in the list is the Business Investor Programme. As compared to the programme mentioned above, this scheme is comparatively easier. You will have to invest AUD 1.5 million in the Australian state, and territory and look for the Immigration Visa. Under the programme, you will get Investor visa (subclass 891).

It is essentially a permanent visa for those who either themselves or together with their spouse have held a nominated investment in the Kangaroo Land for a period of four years. The permit enables the holder to manage his business and investment activities in Oz and he and his family are powerless to use social security payments.

Significant Investment Programme

There is also a Significant Investment Programme (SIV) that the businessman can take and count on the immigration. Under it, you will have to invest AUD 5 million, and make an expression of doing the business. For such style of immigration, in most cases, the immigrants are nominated by the provincial selection.

Premium Investment Programme

Austrade nominated under the Premium Investment Programme (PIV), and those who get the chance to move, have to spend AUD 15 million in any sector in Australia. The PIV provides a more speedy corridor for global investors to the Australian Permanent Residency (PR), vis-à-vis the Significant Investor Visa (SIV). Under the PIV a 12 month pathway to permanent residency is obtainable for investors fulfilling, as mentioned before, a $15 million threshold in an entitled investment.


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