Australia Conference & Event Organizer Immigration

ANZSCO 149311 – Conference & Event Organizer has turned out to be a valuable professional reference and in the current year Skill Select program, Aussie government has allocated over 1200 places for the qualified people. There is a tangible shortage of qualified people in the domestic labor pool of the country and thus government is left with no other option, but to seek people from other countries. These migrants can enter the country, settle down temporarily or permanently and contribute to the productivity of the domestic economy.

As per the ANZSCO definitions, a professional specializing as Conference &Event Organizer prepares, arranges, and makes provision for services for conferences, events, functions, banquets and seminars. The typical list of obligations of these professionals include

Marketing and selling concepts and services of conferences, conventions and trade shows to prospective clientele

• Answering and addressing enquiries about services rendered and prices for room and apparatus renting, catering and other ancillary services

• Contacting customers and compiling inputs about their requirements and designing solutions to address their requirement

• Making arrangements and synchronizing services like conference facilities, catering, signage, display units, audiovisual devices, boarding

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and lodging, transportation and social events, for delegates

• Preparing and arranging registration of delegates attending events

• Deliberating on pricing packages of services being rendered and ensuring that pricing stays within the planned budgets

• Monitoring and supervising tasks and functions being carried out and implemented by outsourced contract parties and indicating at deficits and requirements on work done

To qualify as a ANZSCO 149311 – Conference & Event Organizer you need to have a minimum of an associate degrees or an academic qualification that is considered at par with the Australian AQF. In certain cases a practice exposure of at least 3 is considered to be a sufficient replacement for the academic qualifications. In some instances an on-job training is considered to be highly desirable.

You must substantiate that your academic accomplishments and professional exposure are consistent with the predefined Australian definitions for the indicated trade code i.e. 149311 – Conference & Event Organizer. For this you must submit all the supporting and evidences of your qualifications to the designated evaluation agency and get a positive advice of your skills. In your case, you must submit

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the documents to VETASSESS. The agency carries out a thorough assimilation study on the supportings provided by you and correlates the details with the preset Aussie standards. It grants positive advice to the applicants, if it finds that the supportings provided by you are in line with the Aussie parameters.

The other step that you must ensure completing before placing your EOI on Australia Immigration Skill Select, is writing IELTS exam and scoring atleast band 7 in each of 4 modules (it is necessary for you to prove that your linguistic skills are consistent with OET B definitions).

After negotiating the preliminary steps, you can go ahead with placing you request on Australian Immigration As Conference & Event Organizer. You have the freedom of choosing any of the indicated visa classes for gaining entry into Aussie shores i.e. subsection 189, subsection 190 (as permanent classes), subsection 489 (temporary) and employment based permits (186 and 187).

You have the freedom of opting for multiple routes with help of a single EOI. The EOI is created free of cost and you are only required to submit data on your qualifications and reference the documents. The SKillSelect platform carries out a critical profile analysis on profiles and allots them marks. To qualify for Australia Conference & Event Organizer Immigration it is essential for you to score a minimum of 60 marks.


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