Australia grants a 5 year Tourist Visa for parents of Permanent Residents

A recent announcement came from Australian Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP today – indicating the changes the rule – and allows the parents of the naturalized Australian citizen a right to avail the benefits of getting the five year tourist visa. All the parents of those who enjoy a permanent resident status in Australia, fall under this category and frequently apply for such visa.

“I am quite aware that many people are waiting anxiously in queue for getting such right, so we are here to grant them to enable regular extended family visit,” said Bowen. People who are capable of satisfying some required criteria will be issued the 5 year tourist visa and thus they can frequently travel to Australia to meet their family.

He further admitted, “The visa holders will be allowed to enjoy a great privilege of 12 months stay on any visit, and also frequent travel to the country, whenever they want.” Besides, he also made it clear that the purposed changes will be implemented by the end of the current year.

“Parents play a vital role in assisting their children and grand children residing in Australia and their visit provide the social benefits,” he said

Having a clear aim of allowing parents to spend more time with their families in Australia, the visa-issuing procedure will follow a case-by-case basis. The visa, however, will be granted to those who successfully meet several important requirements like health, character, health-insurance, financial-sufficiency and having a genuine purpose to visit Australia.

He, however, also revealed the government’s plan to offer a 3 year visa option for those parents (applicants) who are not in this queue.

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  • Cornelis Bergsma

    I need the filenumber for a 5 year visa: 1 year in Australia, 16 months outside Australia, then one year in Australia etc. etc.

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