Australia Immigration for Skilled Workers Suggested

Australia Immigration for Skilled Workers is recommended given the current state of the national economy of the nation. It’s a fact that most immigrants always look for a country that offers immense opportunities, better remuneration, good work environment and peaceful surrounding to live happily. Australia has it all and much more.

It’s a no surprise that skilled workers and Australia are synonymous to each other. In the last few years, the country has topped the immigration chart and more and more skilled workers are eager to move to it.Australia Skilled Occupation List 2016

Oz is one of the few destinations whose economy is growing at the faster pace, and many foreign workers look at it as country of endless opportunities. For such workers, the nation’s thriving economy and increase in the number of opportunities are the major sources of attraction.

In Oz, for foreign workers working conditions are perfect. They are treated with dignity and respected for their work. Labor regulation is implemented to ensure that their rights and interest remains well protected. Work environment of the many Multinational Companies (MNCs) is excellent and similar to that of those seen in UK and/or Europe. The work environment may vary when it comes to small companies or start ups.

Work Opportunities

It’s a no surprise that the country’s working sector is vast, and it has many small and big companies running on its soil that require strong manpower to keep their work in flow. Thus, to maintain the work flow, they hire many foreign workers from across the globe.

Besides, there are several technical start ups and enterprises which are extremely popular among the foreign workers. Sectors such as Information Technology (IT), medical, bio-technology, machinery, software development, and pharmacy require a large number of workers that the country fails to fill internally. Hence, the demand of the foreign trained workers remains high.

As compared to other developed nations, not just the demand of foreign workers is high in the country but foreign workers are treated with respect and dignity.

People working in the country, including foreign workers, are eligible for certain rights and protection in their work place. They are neither the permanent residents nor citizens of the country. They act as a backpackers, international students or seasonal workers. To live and work in Oz they must hold a valid visa–either for long term or short term stay.

Work place laws throughout the country are applied equally and the Australian employers must make sure that they full comply by the immigration laws and the workplace laws.

Following are some of the rights of foreign workers in Australia:

  • Fixed working hours
  • Public holidays
  • Request for flexible work arrangement
  • Parental leaves, and other related entitlements
  • Annual provision of fair work information statement
  • Annual paid leaves
  • Prior notice of termination and pay reduction
  • Compassionate leaves and personal leaves
  • Community service leaves

As per the Fair Work Act 2009, foreign workers are protected against discrimination on the basis of following factors–color, religion, marital status, race, social origin or national extraction, pregnancy, sex or sexual preference, political opinion, physical or mental disability.

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