Australia Immigration Beckons Petroleum Engineers

Down Under is one of the best developed countries in the world. Thanks to 100s and 1000s of trained workers continuously working to enhance the country’s economy since very long time, Oz is welcoming foreign trained skilled workers, and today it has become a popular immigration destination among skilled manpower.

The nation’s love towards qualified labor force is well known. It has always respected efficient skilled workers with the ability to contribute towards its economy, through their expertise, experience and education.

If you are motivated to start a new life in Oz, and wonder which profession is in-demand at present, then you will be extremely happy to known that at present Petroleum Engineers are officially wanted in the nation.

The profession is clearly mentioned in the Australian & New Zealand standard classification ANZSCO 212919. Thus, it’s right to say, that it’s easy for Petroleum Engineers to avail Australia Immigration.

Job Profile –Petroleum Engineers

You will be responsible to plan, direct and execute the engineering aspects of tracing and extracting natural gas, minerals, crude and petroleum from the earth. This is an exciting and challenging technical field with range of career options within the industry.

You will have to identify and produce hydrocarbon. The profession requires skills in geo-science and engineering field. The professionals supervise and monitor the projects for testing, completion, drilling and reworking of gas well and oil. As a member of inter-disciplinary team, you may have to work on a drilling rig for an energy company.

Australia Immigration for Petroleum Engineers –Benefits

The benefits enjoyed by these experts are many; in fact, the best within the industry. For sure, you will never regret working in the Australian petroleum sector. Now Let’s have a look at some of the benefits enjoyed by such professionals!

  • On an average, a professional may take anything between AUS$ 85,325 and 90,500 in reality which is more than their expectations.
  • If you have demonstrated work experience in the relevant field, then your pay package may easily cross AUS$ 1, 00,000.
  • As the occupation is in demand, you may easily get a PR which means you may live and work anywhere in country indefinitely and the Department of immigration and Border (DIBP) will fast- track your visa application.
  • Social and health care benefits are many.
  • Depending on your visa category, you may also bring along your family, and once you meet the criteria, you may sponsor your close relatives as well.

Petroleum Engineers–Scope in Australia

Increase in energy consumption means the demand of such specialists will further increase. These professionals are mainly hired by oil companies, consulting groups, service providers, research institutes and testing firms. Opportunities for such experts are high both in Public and Private sectors. Some experts in the field believe that in the next five years or so, there will be a 100% increase in demand for these professionals.

Also known as mud engineers and petro physical engineers the occupation is clearly listed on the Skilled Occupation List, RSMS Occupation List, Consolidated Occupation List, and Labor Market Testing Required for 457 List.


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