For Smooth Australia Immigration, You Need Understanding Point System 2015

Australia immigration point system 2015

If you are of the view that immigrating to Australia is pretty simple, probably you must think again. This country is not an easy place to hit in the first place. You must have the best skills and all your immigration documentation should be proper for facilitating the moment.

Often, the process of immigration is construed to be covered in red-tapism, but in the case of Australia, if you are immigrating, you will not face any problem whatsoever. If you have the right immigration attorney, you will forever cherish the experience of immigration.

This year Australia immigration point system 2015 will unravel newer and broader realms that can be exploited in the first place for streamlining the movement. In case you are new to experiencing the requirements of the point based system, don’t look baffled! In this piece, you will learn what the immigration point based system looks like, and how well you can use the system to restructure the movement.

Basically, the immigration system revolves around different parameters, and if you go for a certain style of immigration, you will have to adhere to requirements that are sought under that particular style.

There are some broad categories of immigration that can be availed in the first place; you can go for general skilled workers immigration, sponsored workers immigration and various other subclasses visas. So, if you are Engineer, Doctor, Philanthropist, Caregiver, Artist and Dramatist or engaged in any such profession, you will have to try the flick according to the requirements that are sought under that particular style of movement.

However, in this piece, the first and foremost thing to watch out for would be to understand the Australia immigration point system of 2015. Let’s take a quick sneak peek at how the system is and the ways that must be fulfilled for streamlining the movement.

Under the point based system, you can avail 130 different types of visas for facilitating the movement. In the first place, you will have to be precise with the age, and it should be met as per the demand of the immigration authorities. Take a look at the point wise break up for age and how points are awarded for meeting with the credentials!

For age 45-49, you will get no points at all, if you are of that age at the time of immigration, you cannot ask for any benefit, but for those aged between 40-44 years would get 15 points. Age 33-39 would secure 25 points; age 25-30 can grab straightway determining 30 points, and those aged between 18-24 years would have to be contented with 25 points. Command over English can help fetch 20 points at the maximum, and those with skills would also get consideration ranging from 5 to 20 points based on the number of years of experience.

So, if you want to move to Australia, you will have to ensure that you have met with the following point based requirement in the first place.



  • Parveen Arora

    Hello Sir/Madam,

    I am a software engineer and my relevant experience is about 9 years (total experience is about 14 years).

    I would like to know the procedure to migrate and my eligibility to migrate.

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