Australia Immigration Policies Stringent–Get Help from Consultants!

When one is looking for a country with abundance career opportunity, peaceful environment, it’s hard to ignore the Land of Kangaroos. The country is not just famous for ‘Kangaroos’ but because of high standard of living as well.

Australia Immigration is a dream of 100s of 1000s of aspirants even as most of them aspire to settle in the country permanently. The country is a popular immigration destination, especially among the young generation, which aspires to live a new life in a foreign country with all the possible comforts.

‘Oz’, has the 12th largest economy in the world–a reason strong enough to make it a very hot immigration destination. Significantly, due to its strong economy and vast opportunities in every field, the country is also known as the ‘Land of Opportunities’.

For those, who are thinking about Australia Immigration, currently the nation is facing a serious shortage of skilled workers. Therefore, it is on the lookout for skilled talent to fill the vacant posts. In this backdrop, if you are a well trained qualified skilled professional, then you are officially wanted in the overseas immigration hotspot.

Apart from its strong economy what make the country valuable are its educational universities/institutes. The country is a hub of education sector. Approximately, the world’s top seven universities are located within the Australian territories. People from every corner of the world come to Oz with high dreams and big aspirations. Taking a degree from one of these universities does not only help them to secure a well-paid job in a reputed multinational company but also helps them get a degree that is well recognized all around the world.

The Department of Immigration and Boarder protection (DIBP) offers wide opportunities to the prospective immigrants from different backgrounds, age, qualifications, nationalities and requirements. You can easily choose the way that suits you well as per your specific needs and circumstances.

Australia Immigration–Top Visa Options

Some of the popular options are:

Skilled Migration Programme: It aims to attract people with the ability to contribute towards the national economy. An ideal applicant must be at least 45, fluent in English, and if he has an educational qualification in any of the occupations in shortage in ‘Oz’, than his route to the dream destination would become a lot easy.

If your eyes are on Permanent Residence (PR), then you must be willing to live and work in specified regional area for at least two years.

Business & Investor Visa Programme

People with business skills are in demand in the country, if you have an innovative business plan that has a capability to contribute towards the national economy, and it is able to create fresh jobs for local citizens, than the DIBP will process your application on an immediate basis.

Family Stream Migration Programme: The country welcomes applicants of the relatives already residing on its soils. They may sponsor them provided they provide a legal undertaking that they will support the prospective immigrants during the first two years of their stay in Down Under.

Primary factors that play an important role in deciding the fate of prospective immigrants are their age, education qualifications, experience and language skills, rest are secondary.

Immigration Policy & Visa Consultants

As it is too well known, the country has rather stringent immigration rules even as forged documents or misrepresentation may permanently jeopardize your immigration dreams. Hence, one needs to be extra careful and avoid taking the shortcut.

To be on the safer side, it is advisable to seek and consult a professional visa and immigration consultancy dealing with Australia immigration. The good news is that the market has no dearth of such players. Actually, every major Indian city has the bureaus of some visa consultancy groups. Consult one whose services are satisfactory and consultancy charges reasonable. It is easier said than done though as the market is plagued with several unscrupulous consultancies.


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