Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List–Don’t Panic Over Removed Professions!

Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List

Breaking News: Australia wants trained migrants and professionals to fill in for the lack or shortage of talent and skill in their country. And, to facilitate the easy movement of the migrants, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has released the latest Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List.  If you also want to immigrate to the land down under–for work or business–check the Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List for 2017-18, and plan your move better!

Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List

Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List

To assist you with the same, this article will cover the basics on how to make the most of this annual list, to boost your chances of obtaining a Permanent Visa in the overseas hotspot.  As per the annual list, you would be perhaps surprised to learn that the Australian Government has slashed up to 200 occupations and skills from the ‘Skilled Occupations List’ (SOL) 2017-18.Free Assessment form

Now don’t be disheartened as this has only reduced your chances of securing a PR Visa for Australia, yet if you plan your immigration well, you can make it to the applicant pool that will get to live and work in the land down under. Yes, it is true! So, no need to press the panic button!

Remember: as per the latest changes in the Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List, there are still as many as 400 different occupations waiting to be filled in by foreign immigrants, who are qualified to move to the destination with either a 2-year short term or a 4-year long term visa.  Thus, if you find a line-of-work specific to your skill set or work experience, start planning your immigration at the earliest, and make the most of the early-bird advantage to move to Down Under!

Engage Immigration Consultant

A pretty good way to plan your move is by getting in touch with an experienced Australian immigration consultant who can update you with the latest rules, regulations and requirements for skilled migration. Not only will you get to know how to immigrate easily, a professional can significantly boost your chances of securing a PR Visa in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ as well. Simply get in touch with a professional visa and immigration consultant; prepare all your documents and paperwork properly, and create an online profile to get started with your immigration with no trouble.Check Your Eligibility

Don’t Panic Over Shortened Skilled Occupation List!

Australia is the ‘land of immense opportunities and golden prospects’ for a better future. Once you find the most suitable skill or occupation, as per the newest Australia Immigration Skilled Occupation List 2017-18, the next step is to consult and plan in advance for your move. Remember: Although the number of occupations has been reduced this year, there is still a good chance that you can immigrate to overseas hotspot with the right guidance and proper planning. So, start early and migrate to the land down under without difficulty!



  • Giovanni r. cavinta

    how i wish to get in australlia or canada?
    i currently working here at ksa as motor control tec. lv terminator ang building wiring.

    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Giovanni,

      Thanks for your comment. Can you please send me your updated resume of self at [email protected] for evaluation and assessment process, post that we will get in touch with you for further guidance.

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