Attention Prospective Australia Immigration Inspired Immigrants! Get Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 2015 Benefits!

Australia is one such country that cannot be ignored at any cost. If you wish to migrate and have chosen ‘Oz’, then surely you have taken the right decision. The unique quality of Australia is that it does not only have a strong developing economy but the country is close to nature. Due to innumerable factors ‘Down Under’ has become a hot immigration destination.

Some immigration Experts believe, rightfully so, that Down Under is a country of immigrants. The country has developed with the help of foreign skilled labor even as almost every third person in the nation is an immigrant making the country culturally rich and ethnic in nature.

As the demand of skilled workers is high in ‘Oz’, the country has always welcomed and encouraged skilled immigration. Skilled workers with the ability to contribute towards the growth of the national economy are the most valuable. Today, many countries have introduced various immigration programmes to draw trained manpower, and the ‘Land of kangaroos’ is one such country.

If you happen to be one such skilled worker and motivated towards Australia Immigration, then you need not to worry. You may simply apply through Skilled Occupation List (SOL) 2015.

It provides many benefits to immigrants. The occupations mentioned on the list are likely to be filled soon. Some of the major benefits enjoyed by the applicants are hassle-free smooth immigration passage for long term stay in the country with the possibility of becoming the country’s citizens. Primary applicant can also bring his family members to the country even they are entitled to enjoy similar rights and benefits.

Aspirants–who wish to move to Australia–need to get their skills assessed as an important part of their visa application process.

The ‘Country of Opportunities’ requires highly skilled workers to maintain and grow its economy. In the era of cut and throat global competition, the number of qualified workers required in order to fill posts for higher skill position has gone up.

Very recently ‘Oz’ has announced Skilled Occupation List (SOL) for the year 2015 and the benefits granted to immigrants are unlimited.

It is a part of the country’s point system used to evaluate an applicant. To become eligible, the candidate must nominate an occupation mentioned on the Skilled Occupation List.

The current list is valid for those candidates who wish to migrate through:

  • Family sponsored point test visa – Subcategory 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) Permit
  • Graduate Work stream – Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485)
  • Independent point based skilled migration candidates who are not nominated by a state or territorial government agency

Remember: The SOL is not subject to prior notice while making the changes and whether you occupation is still valid to submit an application mainly depends on the cap. It is best to submit your application at the earliest to avoid last minute rush.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in no way is responsible. At present, the list consists of 191 occupations. And the cap is likely to be filled before the term of the list ends.



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