Australia Immigration—Time Perfect for Foreign Petroleum Engineers

Are you one of the many skilled Petroleum Engineers, and wish to stand out on world map? If yes than it’s time to fulfill your dreams as the ‘Land of Kangaroos’, Australia, is interested in professionals like you. Down Under is looking for trained experts like you to meet the growing demand of its labor market. It means you have already crossed the immigration path halfway.

These experts are responsible to plan and monitor the engineering aspects of locating and extracting minerals, petroleum and natural gas from the earth. They specialize in various sectors, like Mud Engineering and Petro-physical Engineering.

Skill Occupation Lists

The in-demand profession is mentioned on the following Australian skill lists: Skilled Occupations List (SOL), Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List, the RSMS Occupations List, and Labor Market Testing Required for 457 List.

Major Responsibilities

  • Carry-out surveys of mineral, petroleum and natural gas deposits along with Geologists, Geophysicists and other mineral scientists and engineers, to determine the present resources.
  • Get ready wording procedure and estimate project cost and put forward a progress report.
  • Decide the appropriate method of ore extraction taking into considering a variety of issues, such as the depth of over burden and physical characteristics of deposits and the surrounding strata.
  • Generate a plan for tunnels and chambers, construction site of mine shafts, layout of mine development, and the application of fitting mining systems.
  • Review the technical, financial, and natural and safety risks related with different phases of the mission—manufacturing, development, and operations.
  • Make certain the safety of procedure, order the extraction and safety of mine walls, study the risk of slippage and give advice on the prevention of slippage and rock falls.
  • Arrange and coordinate the utilization of the services of labor and equipment consistent with efficiency goals, statutes, safety instructions and environmental situations.
  • Plan and perform research and offer counsel on engineering operations for the exploration, location and removal of petroleum and natural gas.
  • Decide the location for drilling.
  • Come to a decision on the kinds of derrick and equipment comprising seabed platforms.
  • Work-out systems of controlling the flow of oil and gas from wells.

Some experts in the trade believe that the future of Petroleum Engineers, planning for Australia immigration, is making the right move. Prospects can be both exciting and adventurous. At times, these professionals get an opportunity to visit places they might have never thought of. It can be truly be a perfect once-in-a-lifetime career changing opportunity.

Major Benefits

Many benefits enjoyed by these professionals in the ‘Land of Kangaroos’:

  • Petroleum Engineers in Australia gets one of the highest salary pay packages.
  • Fresh graduates start with anything between $90,000 and $100,000 every year, and they are immediately employed once they have completed their course of study.
  • Salaries are expected to increase with experience.
  • Graduates and post graduates are often employed with Multinational Companies.
  • Petroleum Engineers in Australia are among the best traveled professionals across the country.
  • The jobs as a Petroleum Engineers are covered by social and health benefits.

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