Australia Immigration Victoria State Sponsorship Program

The Australian state of Victoria offers nomination to select skilled (immigrant) workers and business people whose areas of work are relevant to Victorian trade and economic interests. Victorian government nominates those trade and business skills which are hard to find in the state of Victoria itself.

The Victorian government brings out occupation lists which determine the skill-set which gets priority of state sponsorship. To apply for this state nomination of Australia Immigration Victoria State Sponsorship program, beside having the required skill set, one also has to meet the minimum requirement of prescribed work experience, specialisations and proficiency in English language. The state Nomination Occupation List for Victoria can be viewed on its official website.

Once this visa is acquired, it remains valid for about 5 years, after which the applicant can apply for citizenship. Also, as long as the co-dependants meet the requirements of the immigration authorities, like English Language proficiency and health and character requirements, they can be brought along with the visa-holder to Australia. Also, applicants are also required to provide a police certificate of their native country in which they have lived for over 12 months.

One can seek the advice of a good immigration consultant for further assistance and information about the Victoria State Sponsorship program. As the procedure for acquiring this state-sponsored visa can be tedious and complicated, it is best if things are handled by an expert and experienced consultant. The consultant can take care of filing of application, documentation, explaining to the applicant the rules and regulations of immigration and also prepare the applicant for visa interview. Some also offer after-immigration-services to immigrants settle in Victoria after having moved. More information about this program can also be garnered from the official website by Australian – Victorian government

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