Australia PR Immigration Visa—Know How To Get It!

Does overseas immigration inspire you and you wish to live and work in, say, Australia? Talking of Australia, are you eager to obtain its cherished Australia PR Immigration Visa? If the answer is ‘yes’, read this article to move ahead in a planned way.

There are many Australian Visa categories that grant the prized and the much sought after Permanent Residency (PR) status to those who wish to live and work in Oz permanently. Australian Permanent Residents may live and work in the country indefinitely while they remain the citizens of their native country. They may become the Australian citizens only once they have successfully met the eligibility criteria.

Australia PR Immigration Visa–Benefits

Till the time your visa is valid you may leave and enter ‘Oz’ any number of times. Some other benefits enjoyed by the visa holder are as follow:

  • You have a right to hold  a  Australian Citizenship
  • You have a right to work and live freely in the nation
  • You can travel freely and does not require to acquire any additional visa while travelling between Oz and New Zealand
  • You may sponsor your family members and relatives to immigrate to Australia
  • Right to education and an excess to National health scheme (Medicare)
  • Right to social security

Australia PR Immigration Visa—Some Popular Options

Australian Employer Nomination Scheme: It grants PR to foreign skilled workers who are sponsored by their approved employer in ‘Down Under’. The scheme was specifically developed to ensure that the country attracts valuable skilled workers who can meet the demand of the local labor market.  The scheme consist of two stages–first and foremost is that your Australian employer must obtain the status of sponsor, by demonstrating that they are operating legally in Oz, and are committed to train existing employees.

Once your employer have obtained the ‘sponsor’ status, the vacant position must also meet the eligibility criteria, such as the position must be open for full time workers for at least three years in continuation, and should be mentioned on the approved gazette list.

The second step includes the processing of the visa application. The applicants must process their application within six months. Applicant must be at least 49 years or below at the time of submitting application, he should meet the English language eligibility, and should have the necessary qualifications and skills for the vacant position.

Australian Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190): It is a permanent visa category and applicable for applicants with the required education qualification and skills required by the Australian economy but who fail to score the passing marks required to get a skilled nomination visa. The category is also open for those applicants who successfully score the pass mark but wish to fast process the application through state/territory nomination.

To apply, the Department of Immigration and Boarder Protection (DIBP) has set basic qualifying criteria based on applicant’s age, education qualifications, experience, spouse skills, language ability and character. To make the cut and be accepted, it is essential to score not less than six points.

In order to be nominated, you must meet the basic requirements, such as demonstrated specific skills in a specific state or territory, or your occupation must be mentioned on the skill shortage skills in a state/territory of your choice.

Since July 2012, the category has shifted to an online system known as SkillSelect. It requires the applicants to submit an ‘Express of Interest (EOI)’.  Once a candidate submits an ‘EOI’, his details can be scanned by the state/territory government, Australian employer and by the National government who may extend the invitation to potential applicants to file an application.

Apart from the above categories, Australia PR Immigration Visa may also be acquired through the Australian Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189), the Skilled Regional Visa (subclass 887), and General Skilled Migration.


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