Immigration to Australia–What Attract Migrants?

The Land of Kangaroos–the reference at once develops a clear picture of a well developed country inhabited by a strong and progressive yet a peaceful society that consists of migrants from almost every corner of the world. As per the records, currently Down Under is a hot immigration destination and is made up of people from almost 200 countries creating a multi-cultural, multi- linguistic ethnically diverse society.

A great number of people talk about Immigration to Australia but never question anyone what attracts migrants to the country. The name itself is an assurance of a high standard of living and excellent work environment.

Since ages, the ‘Land of Kangaroos’ has been the first choice of migrants, it offers excellent opportunities for skilled workers who wish to live and work in the country. At present, Oz has almost 22 million inhabitants at each day its population is increasing at the constant speed. As the country is undergoing a major, yet modern transformation, competition has become cut and throat. The number of local skilled workers are diminishing day-by-day. As a result, the Australian Government is bound to increase benefits for migrants.

Let’s look from the perspective of the prospective immigrants and discuss immigration to Australia and what attract migrants to the country! Let’s talk about the benefits enjoyed by the migrants!

Down Under is an immigrant-friendly country. It is famous for its flexible yet reliable immigration policies. Unlike other developed countries, Oz does not have strict immigration laws, and if you meet the criteria successfully, obtaining a desired permit is not difficult.

The country is well-known for its flexible immigration policies that provide excellent work benefits to foreign skilled workers, and is also known for income equality. Each individual is paid as per his qualification and skills. The truth is certain professionals may earn better than those earning in countries, like the US or the UK.

Those who have migrated to the country, through Skilled Immigration Programmes, can easily acquire Australian Permanent Residence and are entitled to enjoy benefits accordingly. Migrants get to experience the country’s mixed culture, artistic flavor and traditions, and one of other major benefit is that the migrants with PR status may sponsor their family members easily. Undoubtedly, the nation’s strong economy is best suited for business personals and trained workers who want to experience foreign opportunities.

The main reason why everyone wants to hit the bull’s eye is that the country offers high employment opportunity and the demand of foreign skilled workers has increased in almost every sector. The country has successfully overcome the 2000 economic meltdown. Post recession, the demand of foreign talent has increased rapidly.

For many, the nation’s standard of living matters the most. From time and Australian Government takes an initiative to offer better lifestyle to its people. Due to the continuous efforts of the government, its city Melbourne has been spotted fifth in terms of world class lifestyle and standard of living. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) gives an equal opportunity to one and all to meet with the set immigration criteria and successfully thereby happily live and work in Oz.


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