Australia Immigration—Top Visa Options

The ‘Land of Kangaroos’, as it is too well known, is world-famous for many reasons. The country has something or the other for almost every one. When people think about Australia Immigration, it’s not only economic prosperity that they have on their mind, they are also lured by the nation’s peaceful environment, excellent work culture, equal opportunity to prosper, and a feeling of home away from home. And who can forget the sumptuous cuisine of Down Under?

The country is especially famous among the today’s youth who are simply fascinated by the simple thought of starting a fresh life in the wonderful and progressive environs of Oz. For those not tuned in, Oz is one of the wealthiest countries in the world even as it is one of those rare countries that consider migrants as national assets and not national burden.

The immigration hotspot especially encourages skilled migrants to live and work on its soils. If you are trained and have excellent qualifications, you are wanted in the nation. For those who have been thinking about Australia Immigration the country offers multiple opportunities to people from diverse background, education qualifications, skills and age. One may easily select the specific visa and immigration programme that best suits his needs and circumstances.

Australia Visa Options

Some of the leading options and immigration available to immigrate to Australia are as follow:-

  • General Skilled Migration (SkillSelect): The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is determined to attract skilled professionals of 45 years or below, who can read, write and understand English well, and possess education qualification in any of the occupations currently in shortage in Oz.
  • Working Holiday Visa: It allows citizens of various countries to financially support themselves while they enjoy some good time with their friends and family in Down Under.
  • Student Visa: Oz has some of the best education educational institutions situated within its territories. Bright applicants from across the globe can easily obtain a visa under the category only to later join the thriving Australian workforce.
  • Business Skilled Visa: The DIBP has made certain provisions for those who are ready to invest within the Australian territory or have business skills to either start a new venture or overtake the existing one.

The DIBP also welcomes migrants sponsored by their relatives or family members already residing in Oz under its Family Stream Migration Programme, and also consider refugees from various countries under its Humanitarian Programme.

Important factors that determine the fate of prospective immigrants are age, experience, and health and education qualification. An applicant should have a clear knowledge of English language. You are required to appear for the English language test, such as International English Language Test System (IELTS).

A desired score is at least six bands. Higher is an exception. The candidate should be fit and fine not have a contagious disease with a possibility of becoming a national threat. Once the DIBP has your complete application systematically and neatly filed, it will be assessed on the basis of your credentials, and accordingly verdict will be delivered on your application.

Australia Immigration Agents

For serious contenders, it is highly advised to consult an experienced immigration expert who will help you understand the complete immigration process and proceeding in detail. They will provide step-by-step easy to understand assistance that makes the complete proceedings quite easy and transparent. You can make the most of their domain expertise to find acceptance from the DIBP.

However, it’s not mandatory to consult an immigration expert, and frankly speaking, no expert will give you 100% assurances. Be on your watch against those who claim they will help you get a visa to the nation at all costs. They could be just fake or fly-by-night agents, and running a visa consultancy in the market just to fleece gullible Australia immigration-motivated aspirants like you.



  • Daniel

    Dear Sirs,

    We are going to emigrate to Australia Northern Territory. Both me and my wife have passsed the IELTS exam. My overall score is 7.5 (listening 7.0, reading 9.0, writing 6.5, speaking 7.0). My wife’s overall score is 6.0 (listening 6.0, reading 6.0, writing 6.0, speaking 5.5). We would like to know whether it would be better to apply for a government sponsored visa together and me as the first applicant and my wife as the second candidate or do it as two separate candidates. We are both experienced and educated specialist in education, business and trade (air logistics and oil and gas).
    We are looking forward to your reply.
    Kind regards.

  • Hi,

    I am looking for australian PR. I have dropped you an email with other details. Request you to please have a look and help us in same.


    • Immigration Experts

      Hello Jaya,
      Thanks for the comment. Sure we shall guide you. Jaya I have not received your mail,can you please send me detailed resume of self and spouse(if married) at [email protected] for further guidance.

  • madhusmita satapathy

    Hi I want to apply pr visa from India .my husband stays in Australia around 15 months and Having 457 visa. visa.can you plz guide me in which way I can apply pr from India.

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