Australia – Marking its win over recession!

According to a recent worldwide survey, Australia has been found to be the best place for conducting businesses during recession. This is to suggest that anyone who would be immigrating to Australia can be sure to benefit from a strong standing economy and enhanced investment security, even at the time of recession and the recovery period.

Earlier this year, entries through Australian skilled migrant program has been restricted by the government. This is to ensure that fewer people are migrating to Australia to maintain a stable economy during the recession. Instead of this, there are 108,100 places reserved for Australian skilled migration that still makes the program enjoy its coveted position.

While all other countries are deeply shaken after the setting in of the economic slowdown, Australia stands strong and is even believed to emerge more strongly than ever before.

Chris Evans, the immigration minister, recognizes the value of maintaining an ongoing skilled migration program for Australia. This is because at least Australia will have skilled workforce and labour to support its economy as it continues to rise on the path to success.

Going in accordance with the survey of around 7,500 business people of 24 nations conducted by The Australian, Australia is found to be the topmost country to fight recession the best. In fact, one from every five of these business people mentioned Australia to be the leading economy of the present times.

The Servcorp International Business Confidence Survey conducted recently proved Asia-Pacific region to be a greatly contributing region at this time of crisis. While the second position is claimed by China, the third position is shared by India and Singapore.

Taine Moufarrige, the Executive Director of Servcorp praised the economic security of Australia in glorious terms and the advantages that its residents are relishing at this time. Not to forget, the same benefits would also be enjoyed by people immigration to Australia nowadays as they will be able to take advantage of the expected growth of the Australian economy as the recession begins to lift.

If key indicators are to be taken into consideration, strong banks and the stable or soaring property prices are enough to show the success of Australian economy in fighting recession, unlike US or UK. Though unemployment is increasing but it is a lot lesser as compared to other countries. A little downturn in the resource prices has also been noticed but the demand for these resources continue. Hence, it can safely be said that Australia is among the least affected economies, when it comes to economic downturn and is definitely a good choice for immigration.

Also, Mr Moufarrige mentioned that Australian media must show the real picture and not just the gloom side of the situation of some Australian businesses so as to instill economic confidence in people and help them fight through recession in full strength.

So, many people who were earlier planning to immigrate to Japan, US or Europe, that are witnessing unstable economies right now, may resort to Australia as their preferred immigration destination as believed by expert immigration consultants. Engineering industries, IT and healthcare are

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the in-demand professions for Australia according to the recent Australian Critical Skills List (CSL) for in-demand occupations. An offer letter from Australian employer or a sponsorship from the territorial or state government will prioritize your visa application to Australia, for processing.

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