Australia Migration for Financial Investment Advisers in India

Migration to Australia is an awesome opportunity for the qualified professionals in finance. If you are having a specialization in finances and have been planning of moving down south then there could not have been a better chance than this. Australian government has allocated more than 3000 slots for the trade reference code – 2223, and till the last updates received in month of December 2013, only about 70 requests have been advanced to the next stage of application processing.

The current year edition of Australia immigration SKillSelect is going to continue through June 30, 2014. You have the choice of placing your request for multiple classifications of visa under different programs (federal, province centric, and employment based schemes, etc.). The most closely followed programs of Australian skilled immigration scheme are subsections 189, 190, and 489, etc..

Subsection 189 class of visa is defined

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under the federal skilled immigration scheme, and filing for this classification enables you to gain permanent entry into the country. Once inside the Australian shores, you enjoy an unrestrained freedom of residing and gaining employment anywhere in the country from day one of your entry. This class also happens to be the most popular route of Australia Migration, and since its creation and incorporation in SKillSelect in 2012, several thousand people have expressed positive intentions of moving to this country.

Due to a exceedingly high number of requests being received for this class, section 189 happens to be the most competitive route of SKillSelect immigration. The selection of the profiles and EOI is done with the help of the automated process already integrated into SkillSelect. The platform intelligently selects the EOIs as per parameters defined by Australian authorities. The system automatically selects the EOIs with higher ranks in individual trade pools. In previous year edition of section 189, over 19000 people were advanced to the next stage of the request processing. Even in the current year scheme, over 11500 people have been advised to submit their second sets of application.

To qualify for Australia Migration as Financial Investment Adviser, you must fulfill certain basic parameters, i.e.

Must indicate a qualified trade code from required skills scroll – SOL

• Must be below 50 years in age

• Must be proficient in English (must substantiate your linguistic skills at par with OET B)

• Must score atleast 60 marks in profile evaluation process (conducted by Skill Select during EOI submission process)

To give a tangible form to your Australia Migration plan under this specific section, you need to go through a meticulous process of planning and implementation. There are several steps involved in the immigration procedure, i.e. preliminary steps, EOI creation, and the short listing for next, or the final phase of application processing. It would be highly convenient for you to get in touch with an expert who can guide you through the maze of some confusing initial steps of application preparation for subsection 189.

You need to locate and nominate a valid and relevant trade code, which defines your profession best. To prove that you fulfill all the qualification parameters for the indicated trade, you need to obtain a positive evaluation advice on your credentials, from the designated assessment agency (in your case VETASSESS). The advice on your credentials would enable you to score required marks for academic accomplishments, and professional exposure.

The other classes which are keenly followed by the Australia Migration enthusiasts include the provincial nomination 190 permanent and 489 temporary, etc.

If you are positive about relocating Down Under, you must avail out expert advisory and support for Australia Migration for Financial Investment Advisers in India.


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