Australia SKillSelect Update – Right Time To File your EOI in Australia Immigration

If you have been thinking of placing your request for migrating down under then we per us and Australia SKillSelect Update – Right Time To File your EOI in Australia Immigration. This has been clearly indicated by the results of short listing round concluded on July 15 2013.

In the short listing round of July authorities had planned selection of

  • 1150 people have been extended advise for submission of the evidences of the claims made by them in the expression of interest – EOI for subsection 189 permanent federal skills migration visa
  • 100 people were extended advice to submit their supportings for  subsection 489 provisional entry permit (relative nomination)

These people have been given time of 60 days for compliance. If the applicants fail to adhere to this deadline then the invite will be withdrawn and revoked. The supportings that you would need to submitted in the second phase of selection include credential assessment advice furnished by the assessment body i.e. academic accomplishments and professional practice exposure.

The evaluated supportings play pivotal part in establishing the eligibility of the applicant for the referenced professional code from required trade tabulation – SOL.

You can avail our expertise to complete and file EOI In Australia Immigration and relax. The selection of the created profiles is maintained and ranked on basis of the scores achieved in the critical profile evaluation exercise conducted during EOI creation process.

In each of the short listing rounds the highest ranked EOI in each of the trade pools is considered on priority and the lower ranks are selected next. In case you profile are tied with other EOIs on basis of the scores then the priority in selection is allocated to the profiles which achieved parallel marks earlier.

The most heartening fact about this short listing process has been that in subsection 189 permanent visa, over 55% of the EOIs selected had a score of 60 marks. 31% of the profiles had scores of 65, while around 7% had scored 70 marks. In all over 92% of the profiles short listed for next phase had scores between 60 an d70 marks. In cumulative numbers over 92% of the

Profiles short listed were under 75 marks. Till date 2300 people have been advised to file for next phase of the SKillSelect process

In case of subsection 489 all of the EOIs short listed had scores between 60 and 70 marks.

Believe us! If you must practically plan the placement of your request for immigration as this happens to be as per latest Australia SKillSelect Update – Right Time To File your EOI in Australia Immigration

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