Australia Tourist Visa


The modern Australia is one of the most developed nations of the world, attracting many people across continents to visit, for work, pleasure as well as for medical tourism. This land of the Great Barrier Reef is the largest island but the smallest continent. Get a date with this amazing land of the Aboriginal and Indigenous Australian clans and taste the mystical and the enigmatic history of this place.

Abhinav extends its services for you to obtain a transitory visa for Australia, the hassle-free way. Having a sound financial status to support your and your dependants’ expenditure in Australia, a valid passport, lack of any criminal record and medical clearance are some of the general eligibility requirements to obtain a visit visa for Australia. Please feel free to explore our selection criteria section on the right, to know more about the specific eligibility requirements for this visa.

Our counselors and documentation specialists keep an eagle`s eye view to track the latest amendments made in the Australia visa procedure for a transitory visa and reflect the changes in your file accordingly, without any delay. So, changes in the procedure never become a hurdle in the approval of your visit visa request for Australia, when you apply through us. Be it including some extra documents or changes in the eligibility criteria, we take care of it all and ensure that you do not suffer because of being unaware of the latest requirements.

We offer the much-needed assistance as to how you can triumph over Australia visa officers and convince them about your true intention to return to your home country within the permitted period. This is one of the most important aspects to get a visit visa for Australia.

Abhinav`s team of advisors offer necessary tips to present you as a genuine applicant who can be trusted to abide by all rules and answer all interview questions confidently. A successful interview is another forward step that takes you closer to your visit visa for Australia.

Since our inception, we almost never failed to satisfy expectations of our clients and have successfully played our role as able Australia visa consultants. For a free assessment of your profile against the latest requirements for Australia visit visa, kindly fill our assessment form and await a quick response from us.

Why Visit Australia?

Splendor of Australian continent attracts innumerable tourists and business travelers alike. The island hosts some of the most interesting locales of history and modern architecture. As a tourist, do not miss out on the Sydney Opera House, which is considered to be one of the masterpieces of the 20th century.

Being a developed nation, Australia offers immense scope for work and business opportunities. Medical tourism is another aspect of importance with state of the art facilities. The country is mainly known for its cosmetic treatments such as plastic surgeries, breast augmentation and so on. Other forms of treatments are also available such as orthopedic, dentistry et al. However, in order to achieve your purpose of business trip, pleasure travel or medical treatments, a visit visa is a must. Abhinav is one of the most renowned visa consultancy firms across the globe, assisting applicants to obtain visit visas for their individual reasons.

Some of the key cities of Australia include Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Melbourne. Each of these cities has a vibrant and exquisite charm of their own. Not to miss, tourist attractions, such as the Harbour Bridge at Sydney, the Kakadu National park, the Red Centre that hosts the Uluru – a giant stone monolith, Darwin consisting of more than 50 ethnic groups, the Great Barrier Reef and many such destinations. Hence, the country offers great opportunities to rejuvenate oneself, along with your main purpose of visit.

Our Australian visit visa specialists strive hard to ensure that you get your visit visa, not on time but in time. Unfaltering support is provided at every stage till you get your visa. We submit your application after a thorough check for any errors and duly filled details. This rules out any possibility of refusals and saves a lot of your time, money and efforts. Not to mention, the frustration caused by such unnecessary refusals.

Abhinav understands that getting a visit visa approval is itself a cumbersome process that may stretch for long. Unfortunately, we cannot reduce the usual processing time taken by visa offices but we certainly expedite the approval process from your end, by averting delays due to carelessness or lack of sufficient information in your visa application, submitted by us on your behalf.

We encourage you to give us the privilege of conducting a free prior assessment of your profile against the eligibility criteria for your Australia visit visa and closely scrutinize the application forms filled by you to expedite the process.

Australia Visit Visa – Selection Criteria

In order to visit Australia, you must qualify through the set eligibility criteria brought out by the Australian government. When your purpose of visit is both authentic and legal, assistance of Australian visit visa consultants at Abhinav is all you can ask for. Given below are the parameters on the basis of which your eligibility for Australian visit visa is assessed:

  1. You must be residing at the same place from where your application is filed until a decision is taken on your visa application
  2. Incase, medical treatment is your reason to apply for transitory visa to Australia, a health insurance is mandatory to cover your expenses
  3. You must provide proof of funds that are required to support yourself and your dependents during your Australian visit
  4. You must not owe any debts to the Commonwealth of Australia
  5. Consent for travel of children below 18 years of age

Conformity to the given selection criteria along with a positive report of basic security and health check makes you an eligible applicant for visit visa to Australia. Our adept Australian visit visa experts conduct a free prior assessment of the profile of all our clients and thereafter extend their useful advice if they stand a chance of obtaining an Australian visit visa based on the current eligibility criteria.

You thereby do not waste your precious money and time only to get a refusal as the end result. However, if the assessment results of our experts believe you to be an eligible applicant; we not only give you the go ahead but also support you at every stage of your Australian visit visa approval till the very end.

Australia Visit Visa – Application Process

Visit visa for Australia is granted to businessmen, pleasure visitors, international students (for a course of up to three months) and those interested in medical tourism to the country. The usual grant is provided for a period of 3-6 months, depending on your purpose of visit. This grant may be extended up to a period of 12 months. In very exceptional circumstances, an extension beyond a year is granted in Australia for a visit visa holder.

An understanding of both, requirements of our clients’ as well as eligibility criteria of Australia visit visa, allow us to find a midway that stand as the hallmark of the expertise of our Australia visit visa specialists. Given below is the procedure we guide you through to get an Australia visit visa:

  1. We help you fill the right application form that depends on the purpose of your visit. To avoid any delays or refusals, we scrutinize application forms of all our clients to check for any errors and correct them beforehand.
  2. Duly filled application forms along with the processing fee and essential documents are attached and sent by us to the Australian embassy in your country.
  3. Sometimes, you may also be asked to appear for an interview. However, there is nothing to worry about as our experts brief you about the most likely questions that may be asked and what are the best answers that can present you in a positive light.
  4. X-ray examination is mandatory in a few cases; else a normal medical and security check is sufficient.
  5. With a clearance at the above-mentioned steps, Australia visit visa is granted to you.

Tourist visas to Australia can be granted for either single entry or multiple entries as well. Let us know what your requirements are and period for which you require a visa and leave the rest onto us.

We relentlessly pursue our passion to deliver the best of our visa knowledge and expertise. To affirm your faith in us and get an Australia visit visa soon, we request you to fill our free assessment form and wait for our quick response to suggest if you stand any chances for approval of this visa or if any other visa program is more suitable for you.

Australia Visit Visa – Why Are Applications Refused ?

While innumerable refusals are an everyday affair at the Australia High Commission, Abhinav never lets its clients have those worrisome lines on their forehead and assure them a smiling face forever with Australian visit visa in their hand in the smoothest and earliest way possible.

Having handled innumerable successful Australian visit visa cases, we are confident about our command to eliminate the knick-knacks of the visa procedure that may cause refusals. In fact, we are also glad to be of help to cases that have faced refusals already but are keen to re-apply through us. Your previous refusal can be due to careless errors, like incomplete application form, lack of the relevant supporting documents, inability to convince the visa officer that you intend to return to your native country after the purpose of your visit has been achieved, lack of health insurance for those going for medical treatment or any other.

Our agile Australia visit visa veterans are well aware of these shortcomings and are perfect in fixing them to get you an Australian visit visa. Though we do not mind if you want us to probe into your refused visa case and reapply on your behalf but to save your money and time, it is best to allow our experts to take charge of your case from the very start.

Reasons of refusal may differ for different applicants but solution remains the same for all, i.e, to contact our ace visit visa specialists for Australia, who provide customized solution after a thorough assessment of every case. To get started with us, kindly fill our free assessment form and we will get back to you with an analysis of our immigration experts on your case, very soon.

Even if you seek more information about Australia Visit Visa you can write an email on [email protected] and one of the most experience immigration consultants will get in touch with you to help you out with your questions and concerns or you can also choose to call us on +91-8595338595 or directly interact with the expert through our Live Chat window.