Australia Wants Skilled Diesel Motor Mechanics 321212

Diesel Motor Mechanics 321212

Australia enjoys a healthy influx of 1000s of migrants from around the world who are looking to live in a prosperous and progressive economy and enjoy the benefits of a developed country with beautiful landscapes and scenic destinations. If this sounds like a dream to you, we will guide you on how to easily immigrate to the land down under as a skilled worker.

To start with, Australia is presently going through major economic, social and technological advancements due to which there is a high demand of skilled professionals, who can contribute to the country’s growth and in exchange, enjoy a life full of benefits and higher standards of living.

Thanks to this skill shortage, qualified candidates from all parts of the world can submit an application under the General Skilled Migration (GSM) Visa Programme, and find a visa related to their specific skill or occupation in the overseas hotspot.

If you have a skill related to motors and mechanics, you can immigrate with the Diesel Motor Mechanic ANZSCO 321212, given on the Combined List of Qualified Skilled Occupations, and live in the nation without any hassles.

What They Do?

Broadly saying your job profile will entail the upkeep, overhaul and testing of motor and mechanical parts of trucks, vehicles, cars besides heavy motors.

Visa Classes

Your profile is eligible to apply for Australian immigration under three visa categories or subclasses namely – Skilled Independent Subcategory 189, Skilled Nominated Subcategory 190, and Skilled Regional Subcategory 489.

Key Requirements

For immigrating with the Diesel Motor Mechanic—321213 occupation profile, you would be required to meet certain minimum requirements such as – age between 19 and 45 years, minimum three years of work experience, two years of on-the-job training and a license or registration, if needed.

If you successfully meet these basic requirements, you can freely work and live anywhere in Down Under, including the Northern, Southern and Western Australia, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.

Key Tasks

Before you start your immigration planning, it is important to know the various job duties of a Diesel Motor Mechanic in Oz.

  1. Identifying and diagnosing issues in the Engines and Motor Parts.
  2. Disassembling and getting rid of the various kinds of Engine Assemblies, Transmissions, Steering Mechanisms and additional components and parts.
  3. Improving and trading the worn-out and broken-down parts and re-assembling mechanical motor components.
  4. Testing and adjusting Mechanical Motor Parts, post being repaired for best output.

Thus, with skilled migration, you can create a better future for yourself while enjoying a lucrative annual salary sum of 65, 483 Australian Dollars as a male and 37, 432 Australian Dollars as a female Diesel Motor Mechanic in the Kangaroo Land.

Engage a very good and trustworthy immigration and visa specialist for a hassle-free and speedy application process!


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