Australian Immigration and Sponsoring Relatives

If you wish to apply for Australian immigration and do not have the sponsorship from an employer, you can see if any of your relative is interested in sponsoring you. Anyone over the age of 18 years, who is a permanent resident of Australia or has the Australian citizenship or is an eligible citizen for New Zealand, is eligible to sponsor your visa application. By sponsoring you, your eligible relative agrees to provide you the necessary assistance, financially and also in terms of accommodation for 2 years, if necessary.

The nature of the relation shared by your spouse or you with the sponsor should be any of the following:

  1. Non-dependant child (adopted, natural or step-child)
  2. Sister or brother (includes both adopted and step-sibling as well)
  3. Parent (includes both adopted and step parents)
  4. Uncle or Aunt (includes adopted or step-uncle or aunt)
  5. Nephew or niece (includes step or adopted nephew or niece)

Not to mention, the relative who is willing to sponsor you is required to submit several documents to show that they have the ability to sponsor you. The applicant must also submit an evidence to indicate their relationship with the sponsor.

Further, in all the applications submitted by you for relative’s sponsorship, you must indicate that you are determined to live in the city of your sponsor only. If yours is a provisional visa, you will need to abide by this and stay only in the region or city of your sponsor. However, if you get an approval for the permanent Australian visa, there is nothing to worry about. In such cases, you are free to live in whichever Australian region you prefer, even if you have mentioned to stay in your sponsor’s city in your applications.

Documentation is the key determinant of applications filed against sponsoring relatives. An experienced Immigration specialist can help you to ensure that your application is properly documented. They carefully prepare and review the applications forms and accompanying documents and guide you successfully through the entire immigration process for a stress-free transition to a new land.


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