Start Australian Immigration Process with Some Popular Visa Options!

Australian Immigration Process

Australia is really the place to be at, if you want everything on a platter–right from well-paying employment opportunities, to lucrative investment and business possibilities.

Australian Immigration Process

Australian Immigration Process

But, at first, for a hassle-free immigration to the hotspot, you, as a wishful migrant, need to have the basic knowledge of the visa formalities, and also the travel documents that need to be carried, not to mention the different visa options available through which you can fulfill your wish of moving and having a great time in the hotspot.

Basically, it’s not possible to give a specific reason that why maximum people choose the Kangaroo Land as their home country, but one thing is for sure that the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) has made available several attractive and easy-to-follow opportunities, to meet the growing demand of the wishful aspirants.

Popular Australia Visa Options

Now let’s take a look at the Australian immigration process with the different visa categories!

  1. Skilled Migration: The name itself says all. All trained and talented people worldwide can choose this option. It is a top pathway as the globe is full of talented people even as the soft visa rules of Oz attract them. Under this category, the popular visas are the Subclass 180 and the Subclass 190.
  2. State Sponsored or Employer Sponsored Category: Grabbing nomination from a e or an Australian employer will make your migration easier and prompt. To grab the opportunity under this stream, choose either the Subclass 186 or the Subclass 187.
  3. Business and Investor Visa: Those who wish to make an addition to the economy of Oz or wish to continue with some business or venture there in are most welcome through the category. It allows them to start their business or services in Down Under, but with a mandatory condition of creating jobs for the local residents, and actively participating in the working of the venture started by them. If this suits your specific needs, then the visa Subclasses 132, 188/888 are for you. These options will help you settle permanently in Down Under.
  4. Relative Stream: Down Under provides every possible chance to thrive–be it in terms of business, realizing dreams or simply by uniting with near and dear ones. Under the said stream, an expat can bring his partner, parents and relatives and settle them in the nation as permanent residents. But before sponsoring the relatives, an aspirant needs to have citizenship or permanent residency.
  5. Study Visa: The students, who wish to continue with their higher studies in Oz, select this pathway. A student needs to apply through the nation’s SkillSelect which is basically an online tool through which the wishful migrants submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

All migrants who settles in the Kangaroo Land, enjoys the freedom of living, studying and working. Permanent Residency in the nation allows him to enjoy world class health facility and get free education for his children.


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