Is Australian Immigration Skilled Migration Occupying Your Thoughts?

Do you want to work, earn and live in Australia? If the answer is YES, then you must apply for Australian immigration skilled migration program. As the country lacks skilled workforce, especially in the field of engineering and computers, this can be your chance.

So if you are below the age of 50 and you have a degree proving that you are

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skilled, then this is the time to grab the opportunity. You must know good English, enough to score at least 6 pointers in the ILETS Exam. There are several ways by which you can enter the country, either sponsored or unsponsored.

As said, there are several ways for skilled migration to the country, to decide which one to permit first, the Immigration and Citizenship Minister Chris Bowen has made a priority list which goes like this:

  • You will be their first priority if you have applied under skilled regional visa and you are sponsored by your employer.
  • You will be second if you have applied under the employer nomination scheme.
  • Next application will be sponsored by some regional state or territory.
  • Next application to be considered belongs to the skills matching SOL list, i.e., skilled occupation list.
  • And at last, any other application

So if you want your application to be accepted as early as possible then keep priority list in your mind while applying for visa under skilled immigration program. The skilled occupation list consists of 192 occupations, which includes Doctor, nurse, engineer, architecture, builder, economist, carpenter, and many more.

You must check the list and if your occupation matches any of the occupation mentioned in the list, and then quickly apply for that. Some of the occupations have been removed as well, which includes vehicle painter, orthoptist, optometrist and panel beater.

The processing time for visa approval may vary from five to eighteen months depending on the category of application based on the priority list. Except job and salary immigrating to Australia will also provide you with one of the highest living standards in the world with third cheapest cost of living. To check if you are eligible to apply under skilled immigration program you should visit national visas free online Australia immigration assessment.

People out there are friendly and naturally humorous. In the year 2009, Sydney was rated as one of the friendliest cities across the world. If you are not homesick and want to gain some new experiences then you should not miss this chance. Due to development and rapid progress Australian firms have high number of vacancies but due to lack of skilled workforce many positions are still vacant.

If you want to experience the life of Australia and earn money, you should apply for a job and immigrate as soon as possible. Beware of the employers as there is a possibility of getting low salary due to your ignorance. The nation’s culture is a mixed one due to presence of various communities of different countries.

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