Check How Your Australian PR Points Will Determine Your Future

Australian PR Points

It is an open secret that Australia offers a wealth of prosperous opportunities to the deserving people, for working and living on its territories. Thus, flocks of migrants from around the world move to it–or make an effort to do so–in search for greener pastures. If you also wish to live your overseas dreams in this amazing hotspot, you need to know that your Australian PR points will play a fairly crucial role in determining the same.

Australian PR Points

Australian PR Points

Are you somewhat confused? Well, don’t be! Read this article to get clarity about the subject and move a step towards living in the extensively visited amazing overseas hotspot permanently. Here, PR means Permanent Residency.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)–the organization responsible for running and managing the visa and immigration affairs for the country–enlists a point based system, to facilitate the migration of the trained manpower in the country.

From age, English language proficiency, skill, work experience to educational qualifications, partner skills qualification, study requirements and state or territory nomination, the DIBP follows a skilled point test for every applicant, wanting to live permanently in the country.

If you also plan to pack your bags and head straight to Oz, then you would also be required to obtain a minimum Australian PR points. It is significant to note that every visa category or subclass has a minimum pass marks or points. Be it the Skilled Independent, the Skilled Sponsored or the Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa category, the minimum points required are 60 points to start with your application.

Interestingly, the different age requirements also give you different points for your visa application. For example – an applicant between 18 and 24 years of age will be awarded 25 points, whereas a candidate aged between 25 and 32 years will be awarded 30 points.

Additionally, a person with superior proficiency in the English language (based on the IELTS/TOEFL scores) will be given 20 points whereas a candidate with a competitive English language will not be given any points.

Given this, it is vital to thoroughly research and become acquainted with the latest guidelines and regulations to increase your chances of obtaining a PR status in the country.

Seek & Acquire Guidance & Help from Visa Specialists

To find more about the Australian PR points system and effortlessly move to the nation, you are advised to get in touch with someone who can show you the way and assist you get the necessary PR points. To put it differently, you need to contact a well-known and experienced visa & immigration expert dealing with Australia immigration. You would do no harm to your cause if you hire Abhinav Visa consultants to do the job for you.


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